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India’s largest IX operator surpasses 500 connected networks
India's largest carrier and data centre neutral Internet Exchange (IX) operator has exceeded 500 connected networks across the country, making it the fastest-growing interconnection platform.
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Lightstorm & DE-CIX bolster interconnection for India service providers
DE-CIX chief executive officer Ivo Ivanov says the company is thrilled to expand its partner network in India.
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DE-CIX: 32 exabytes of data flowed through internet's veins in 2020
With as much as 32 exabytes of total traffic traversing networks - that’s the equivalent of a video call that lasts eight million years.
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Research: Pandemic no match for resilient internet infrastructure
Despite fears that the increase in traffic could overwhelm the global internet infrastructure, new research shows it has been absolutely consistent.
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DE-CIX financials reflect on 2019 as major growth year
The growth is spread over 20 locations worldwide, with notable successes in North America and Europe.
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Network Infrastructure
Data traffic soars as world turns to internet for work & play
Video conferencing traffic and the overall amount of data traffic crisscrossing the world rises steadily while the world seeks to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Internet exchange
DE-CIX breaks another data throughput record at Frankfurt exchange
DE-CIX successfully delivered more than 9 terabits per second (TB/s) through a Frankfurt internet exchange. According to the company, it has now broken a new ‘sound barrier’.
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Any internet user can order cyber attack for less than $20 - study
The study examines the effects of DDoS attacks and those of the countermeasures taken against them.
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DE-CIX smashes data throughput world record
Germany-based internet exchange operator DE-CIX has reportedly broken a new data world record after it successfully delivered data throughput with more than 8.1 Terabits per second.
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How video games are driving the need for faster internet
Video games are driving the need for internet services that are lightning fast and free of lag or latency, especially as many games now rely on the internet to provide an excellent gaming experience.
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Data Centre Interconnection
DE-CIX announces expands interconnection services in Dallas
The new PoP offers networks colocated in DataBank’s multiple Dallas area facilities the ability to connect directly to DE-CIX’s Dallas IX, enabling reach to more than 60 networks. 
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Internet exchange
DE-CIX and Datacenter One sign service deal for Germany
Datacenter One’s LEV1 data centre in Leverkusen is the first to be connected to DE-CIX, with further DE-CIX sites to be created in the next few years as part of the agreement.
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Peering Exchange
DE-CIX partners with euNetworks to launch ‘Project Reach’
The point of the Project is to reach into more data centres and expand the locations where customers can connect to the DE-CIX peering platform