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Arbor Networks
Arbor Networks ponders what triggered the DBE hack - and how attackers did it
Questions abound on what triggered recent DBE website hacking and Arbor Networks ponders on possible tactics used.
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Department of Science and Technology
DST donates IT equipment to Mtubatuba school in Mandela Day spirit
The Department of Science and Technology also refurbished classrooms by installing new doors and windows at Khulubone Primary School.
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Microsoft to build data centres in Africa, for Africa
"Microsoft Cloud delivered from Africa will enable governments to better serve the needs of their citizens."
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Unified Communications
SkyGroup Communications: New conference system now available in South Africa
"The VC800 also supports third party video conferencing room systems and integrates with all leading cloud platforms.”
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DRS CEO: “There are 3 groups of hackers: black, grey and white.”
Most of us get a mental image of an anonymous, hooded figure, bent over a computer in some dark recess of the web when the word hacker is mentioned.
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Khonology: Competition or collaboration between fintech and banks?
"Many new fintech enterprises have come about as a direct result of people’s inability to access funds or resources through more traditional methods."
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Business Continuity
Organisations should test-drive business plans for continuity and cyber-resilience
Testing, and particularly crisis simulations and penetration testing, help identify weaknesses and also help to refine the business continuity plan.
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Sophos responds to new variant of Petya ransomware
These attacks are upping the ante, as they hit services that affect people’s day-to-day activity; such as healthcare, and postal services.
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Third-party app downloads could pose serious security issues – Securicom
At least 27% of the apps introduced by employees into enterprise environments posed a high-security risk, research has found.