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Excelero stories

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Public Cloud
Excelero announces public cloud storage support, starting with Azure
May 2021
First for Azure, NVMesh expands public cloud capabilities and in doing so aims to address performance challenges organisations face while transitioning IO-intensive workloads to public clouds.
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IT management
Excelero expands options for all-flash storage in HA servers
August 2019
Excelero has launched new software for creating NVMe All-Flash Arrays (NAFAs) that leverage traditional controller-based high availability (HA) storage architectures. 
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IT infrastructure
Western Digital invests in Excelero to drive data center innovation
August 2018
This investment represents the fourth strategic investment Excelero has received since its inception, bringing the total funds invested to US$35m.
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Excelero receives $30 million worth of investments
November 2017
Qualcomm becomes the third strategic player to invest in Excelero...
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Data analytics
Excelero helps Vivavo deploy new cloud-based video analytics solutions
August 2017
Vivavo has deployed Excelero’s NVMesh Server San, forming the foundation of its new cloud-based analytics business solutions.
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Machine learning
Excelero adds persistent container storage for Kubernetes pods
July 2017
Container users need persistent storage that is scalable enough for stateful applications yet also offers mobility to protect against drive failures.
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IT infrastructure
‘Disruptor in software-defined blocks storage’ awarded US patent
June 2017
Excelero recently announced that it was assigned a US patent for the underlying technology to its NVMesh server SAN solution.