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Mega data center: Non-blocking architecture is essential, study finds

08 May 17

Hyperscale, massive, mini, but what’s a mega data center?

ReportsnReports is an online market research report library that has more than 500,000 studies.

The report says that in a mega data center the system is implemented as a fabric: servers are linked to top of rack switches, which are made from merchant silicon chips, mostly Broadcom, some switch ASICs.

A pod of server racks are linked to each other through an edge aggregation switch. A pod of server racks is based on the same ASICs as in the top of rack switches.

Technology from the mega data center market can leverage scale to implement cloud computing that challenges current technology on the market.

A recently published report by ReportsnReports highlights the importance of non-blocking technology within the mega data center.

The report, "Scale Supports Non-Blocking Network Inside Mega Data Center Building and More Efficient Processing” notes that aggregation switches are lashed together through a set of non-blocking spine switches with all switches based on the same chip.

The report claims that this is the same way Facebook is building its own Wedge and 6-pack open switches – a move that comes 9 years after Google did it.

The report finds that business leaders are challenged to move their enterprises to the next level of competition.

An effective digital business player, transformer, and disruptor position depends on the effectiveness of employing digital technologies and leveraging connected digital systems.

ReportsnReports also states that many big companies are using digital technology to create market disruption – from Amazon and Uber to Google and Microsoft. These companies, among others, use effective disruptive strategic positioning, the report claims.

In today’s digital world, it’s not uncommon to see entire industries undergo digital transformation.

The report states that companies that were once successful are now threatened. The report says digital transformation is an approach, underpinned by cloud computing, that drives changes in business models and ecosystems.

The study finds that this is not just hyperscale systems – but mega data centers too.

The research concludes that this disruption in the business markets could bring opportunities for vendors and cloud offerings.  

And it is all a part of a larger digital transformation: a digital approach to interconnecting everything that enables organizations to drive changes in their business models and ecosystems.

The report, "Scale Supports Non-Blocking Network Inside Mega Data Center Building and More Efficient Processing”, says that the mega data center market scale supports non-blocking network for more efficient processing.

Overall, the report suggests that mega data centers need to be understood by all senior executives - whether they move in that direction or not.

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