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IT-ISAC forms group for enhancing data centre security
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

The Information Technology - Information Sharing and Analysis Center (IT-ISAC) has launched a new Special Interest Group, aiming to consolidate the crucial security and threat intelligence capabilities of worldwide data centres.

Termed the IT-ISAC Data Center Special Interest Group (DC-SIG), the group offers its members a means to share strategic industry-led community information, including threat intelligence, alerts, analysis, and mitigation practices.

Data centres lie at the heart of our modern digital economy, hosting crucial network infrastructure, accommodating massive amounts of sensitive data, and enabling global AI developments. Their centrality to our digital world, however, also marks them as potential targets for threat actors. IT-ISAC has proven itself as a leading figure in combatting these risks across multiple sectors; currently, the organization monitors threat intelligence for numerous special interest groups, inclusive of Critical SaaS, Semiconductors, etc., with around 200 member companies globally.

Responding to the growing number of participants in the data centre industry, the establishment of this new group is a measured response to offer a specific forum for companies to share expertise focused on data centre industry. Similarly modeled to the successful structure utilized by other IT-ISAC SIGs, these more focused communities facilitate targeted threat intelligence sharing, allowing both members and IT-ISAC analysts to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry's threat environment, and to create pertinent analysis across its membership.

DC-SIG members contribute to mutual intelligence relevant to the data centre industry. The group capitalizes on the existing IT-ISAC capabilities, including a credible intelligence management platform, upwards of 175 collaboratively developed adversary attack playbooks, vendor-agnostic analysis, ransomware trackers, beneficial security practices, and regular discussions with industry analysts from peer companies among other benefits. This concerted approach will expedite robust security within member companies and collectively across the industry.

The importance of the digital infrastructure maintained in data centres spans everything online - from online shopping and email to smart home appliances and government networks. Scott Algeier, Executive Director of the IT-ISAC, expressed that "By establishing this SIG, the industry is taking proactive action to address the evolving security challenges facing data centres and collectively strengthening their resilience."

Sean O'Connor of Equinix, who Chairs the DC-SIG, added to this, stating "We are proud to be a Founding Member of the Data Center SIG, which will help strengthen the security of the digital infrastructure that powers today's global economy," his comments were echoed by other founding members of the DC-SIG which include BAE Systems, Data Bricks, Equinix, Microsoft Corporation, and Oracle Corporation.

Participation in the Data Center Special Interest Group is open to IT-ISAC member companies involved in the data centre industry at no additional expense.