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DCI Indonesia debuts E1, Tier IV data centre in central Jakarta
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

DCI Indonesia has announced the operation of its latest Tier IV data centre, E1, situated in Jakarta's heart. The establishment is located at Ariobimo Sentral, Kuningan and has been serving various users since it commenced operations in December 2023.

Customers from essential sectors such as banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and state-owned enterprises are leveraging the E1 data centre's service offerings. The centre also adds significant value to industries in the financial service sector, cloud, e-commerce, and content delivery networks (CDN).

Ritsuo Fukadai, President Director of PT Bank Jtrust Indonesia Tbk, expressed his satisfaction with the services provided by DCI. He stated, "We chose E1 because DCI offers the best service quality and certification. We are pleased that our data centre at E1 is already operational."

The E1 data centre offers more than just storage solutions. Its strategic location in the city centre affords users the advantage of low latency. The centre boasts a total capacity of 18 Megawatts IT load and operates per Tier IV standards, the highest global standard. It assures reliable backups for all equipment and has automated and AI-based operations.

The centre's robust telecommunications ecosystem continues to attract praise. Gunawan Raharjo, Head of Technical Solutions of PT iForte Solusi Infotek, said, "The launch and operations of our services at E1 are excellent. Our connectivity business has been actively serving customers at E1 since January 2024."

According to Structure Research, the edge-hyper scale data centre market segment is projected to grow by over 35% per year due to IoT, 5G, and AI. As a market leader in Indonesia's data centres, backed by over a decade of experience, DCI takes pride in serving this market segment with the reliable and scalable E1 data centre.

DCI, the inaugural Tier IV data centre in Southeast Asia, marks a significant milestone in the region's technological infrastructure. Its colocation Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.999% assures reliability and uptime for its clients. This assurance is further bolstered by the backing of over 60 network service providers, ensuring robust connectivity and operations.

Strategically positioned across multiple locations, including Cibitung, Karawang, and Jakarta, DCI provides accessibility and redundancy, catering to diverse business needs and geographic considerations. This geographical dispersion enhances resilience against localised disruptions and facilitates efficient data distribution and access for users across the region.

Moreover, DCI boasts a total potential power capacity approaching 1,000 megawatts (MW), underscoring its ability to support the increasing demands of modern digital infrastructure. This power capacity ensures uninterrupted operations and lays the groundwork for future scalability and expansion, making DCI a pivotal hub for businesses seeking reliable, high-performance data centre solutions in Southeast Asia.

The company adheres to global procedures and standards and uses the best data centre equipment, thus providing maximum availability for its customers. DCI caters to a diverse customer base, including financial institutions, network service providers, e-commerce players, cloud service providers, and firms from various sectors. It boasts a track record of 100% power uptime since its inception in 2013 due to its proven expertise in information technology, data centre services, and infrastructure management.

Looking at Indonesia's rapidly growing data centre market needs, DCI is committed to building a new, sustainable data centre to meet this increasing demand effectively.