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ATTO partnership enables simple QNAP NAS integration

10 Jul 2019

QNAP Systems has formed a partnership with ATTO Technology to jointly deliver integrated Fibre Channel (FC) SAN Solutions, allowing users to add QNAP NAS to their existing SAN environment hassle-free and at a more affordable price than typical SAN devices. 

The new FC SAN solutions build upon QNAP’s recently added FC support technology for QTS 4.4.1 and later versions.

“The FC SAN Solution comprised of QNAP NAS with ATTO FC Cards offers highly-reliable, flexible, and cost-effective storage and back-up services,” says QNAP product manager Jason Hsu.

“QNAP NAS also provides a multitude of enterprise features to make storage applications more efficient, including LUN snapshot protection, Qtier tiering storage, SSD cache acceleration, and other features to realise Copy Data Management (CDM) applications.”

Additionally, QNAP and ATTO will launch the FC SAN Storage Trial Program to invite interested SAN users the opportunity to experience the new FC SAN Solution. 

This is the second partnership QNAP has announced in two months.

In June, QNAP formed a partnership with ULINK Technology, a global provider of IT storage interface test tools, to jointly deliver a smart drive health analysis and failure prediction service powered by artificial intelligence. 

The service aims to provide QNAP NAS users with an early indication of potential drive issues, to avoid expensive downtime and business disruptions.

With optional licenses, QNAP NAS will collect drive health information and submit it to the ULINK database for analysis and failure prediction. 

Users can view details of the result both on the ULINK website and within QTS. QNAP and ULINK comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations to ensure user data privacy and confidentiality. The availability of the service will be announced separately.

Last month it also released the ES1686dc – an Enterprise ZFS NAS that features dual active controllers with Intel Xeon D processors for High Availability (HA). 

It supports SAS 12Gb/s, and each controller has four 10GbE SFP+ LAN ports, eight RDIMM slots for up to 512 GB memory, two M.2 SSD slots for configuring SSD caching, and scalable design for up to 1 PB storage capacity. 

The ES1686dc is powered by the latest QES 2.1.0 operating system that adopts ZFS and provides reliable data protection, recovery, and business-class features to assist businesses in accelerating mission-critical services and tackling the challenges of VDI applications.

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