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Remote Working
Transforming the future of work, one conversation at a time
Centralised offices, hot desking, and the other flexible workplace designs that have prevailed over the past 10 years are now making way for a massive increase in the “work from anywhere” concept. 
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Have your say in the Annual NZ Workplace Diversity Survey
The annual New Zealand Workplace Diversity Survey will help to shape research on diversity issues and ways to support a more inclusive New Zealand.
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Digital wellness key to superior employee experience - Citrix study
Digital wellness reflects the way that workplaces and their employees create an intentional and healthy relationship with workplace technology.
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Culture Amp recruits diversity & inclusion veteran Aubrey Blanche
“The fact is, we know that equitable workplaces are happier, more innovative, and more financially sustainable,” comments Blanche. 
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Three trends set to define work in the new decade
With a new decade underway, organisations must think more about culture and ways of attracting, engaging with, training and retaining employees. Not everyone is prepared to trade free lunches for sixty hour weeks.
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Okta report outlines the new decade, new apps & new ways to work
Businesses and employees are using more applications, new technologies, and learning more than ever before, according to Okta’s 2020 Businesses @ Work report.
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Diversity & Inclusion starter kit to help Asia Pacific organisations
"The perception of diversity is not translating across local workplace cultures, where employees are quite concerned about speaking up for fear of discrimination."
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Tata Consultancy Services named Number One Top Employer in Asia Pacific
The company was also recognised as the Number One Top Employer in Australia, and a Top Employer in Hong Kong, India, Mainland China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.
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A/NZ tech workers not feeling the happiness
Work happiness is not something to be trifled with – 97% of respondents say that happiness at work is important – and there are plenty of reasons why happiness is dwindling.
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Human Resources / HR
Oracle, CrimsonLogic amongst best places to work in Singapore
CrimsonLogic, Adventus, Intellect Minds, Grab, SAS Institute and Titansoft Sony Electronics and Oracle are amongst the best places to work in Singapore, according to a new publication by HR Asia.
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Human Resources / HR
Allianz executive swap program creates stronger company culture
Allianz is doing its bit to create a strong company culture – by creating a new human resources (HR) programme that allows senior executives to shadow their colleagues.
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Emojis in the workplace struggle to span generations
“People can interpret emojis in different ways and different groups often associate different meanings with different symbols, and this doesn’t always cross the generations.”
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Noise pollution is the new second-hand smoke
ow loud is our phone call? Can you hear your co-worker’s music through their headphones? Do you need to have that meeting in a public area of the office?
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Equality a powerful multiplier of workplace innovation - Accenture
Accenture research found that employees’ willingness and ability to innovate is nearly five times higher in companies with a robust culture of equality.
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Feeling fatigued? Getting out of the office for lunch could be the answer
Do you make a point to take your lunch break in full most workdays? You might be one of only 28% of New Zealanders who actually make the most of it.
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Explained: Reverse mentoring and how you can make it work
Mentors. For generations they’ve been known as senior staff with experience who generally train newer recruits – but that mindset is being turned upside down with the idea of reverse mentoring.
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Enterprise Dunedin encourage local businesses to take on summer intens
Enterprise Dunedin is encouraging growing Dunedin businesses to take on interns this summer – or even longer if the interns are the right fit.
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IT Automation
Unhappy employees call out 'tech laggard' employers
Business leaders know that unhappy employees cost them money, but some might be shocked at how high that cost can be.
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JAMF Software
How offering IT ‘self-service’ can help create a more attractive workplace
How technology is offered in the workplace can have an instrumental impact on how an organisation is perceived and whether people will want to stay.
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Workplace culture: The first line of infosec defence
In order to truly secure your data, its culture which becomes your first, and most important line of defence.
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Hong Kong shines at workplace culture awards
Employers that are more transparent, supportive of staff growth and lead by example are more likely to be rated as a good place to work by staff.
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Digital Transformation
What's keeping the CEO up at night? Gartner reveals top-of-mind concerns
The survey found that as simple, implemental growth becomes harder to achieve, CEOs are concentrating on changing the structure of their companies.
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Asia's top workplaces's where Rackspace placed
“It is an honor for Rackspace to be recognized by their employees as an organization that fosters respect, trust and fairness.”
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25 funny things to do at the office
This is an email that has been circulating on the web for quite some time now.