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Vultr & Singtel team up to boost cloud GPU capacity in Asia
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Cloud computing platform Vultr has announced a strategic collaboration with Singtel, the communications technology group, in a move aimed at expanding its NVIDIA GPUs capacity in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. The partnership will provide Vultr customers access to AI factories for model training and inference via Vultr's cloud GPU platform, which will be integrated into Singtel's Paragon platform.

In the third quarter of 2024, Vultr users will be capable of deploying large-scale clusters of NVIDIA H100 GPUs across Vultr's Singapore region, powered by Singtel. Vultr operates 32 global cloud data center locations, nine of which are in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and is identified as a forging agent among independent cloud providers for providing NVIDIA accelerated infrastructure for AI training and inference workloads across Singapore, India, Australia, Japan, and South Korea.

Based in Singapore, Singtel is a communications technology group in the Asia Pacific and Africa regions, honing its capabilities to harness digitalisation opportunities, including the provision of the critical AI infrastructure needed for businesses and governments. This infrastructure is offered through its patented Paragon platform, which facilitates effective training and deployment of AI models for transforming commerce and societies.

Singtel is focusing on building a network of sustainable, hyper-connected, AI-ready Nxera data centres in Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand. These data centres are designed to handle the largest AI workloads using advanced NVIDIA GPUs, with high efficiency and low power usage effectiveness.

J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Vultr’s parent company, Constant, outlined the company's credentials as it boosts its presence in the Asia Pacific. "Vultr's unique footprint of 32 global locations makes us the partner of choice for enterprises and AI innovators with global AI infrastructure needs," he noted. Kardwell added, "Singtel is delivering data centres built to support the power and cooling requirements of the GPUs of the future. Our partnership with Singtel will provide the region with unprecedented access to NVIDIA's most advanced GPUs in some of the most efficient data centres in the world."

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel's Digital InfraCo unit and Nxera regional data centre business, hailed the partnership as a milestone for both companies, making high-performance computing more accessible and affordable for enterprises. "This collaboration will enable Vultr's customers to leverage the power of Singtel's GPU cloud through the integration between Vultr's cloud GPU platform and Singtel's Paragon platform, all powered by NVIDIA," said Chang.

Notably, Vultr already has a long history of collaborating with leading telecommunications providers, such as Airtel in India. The recent strategic partnership with Singtel is another step in Vultr's effort to transform telecommunications with global access to AI infrastructure.