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Screencloud Expands Senior Team with High-Profile appointments
Fri, 3rd Nov 2023

In a bid to strengthen its partner ecosystem, digital signage specialist ScreenCloud is expanding its senior team with two high-profile appointments. Mark McDermott, CEO, unveiled that the technology-driven company has welcomed Joe Rice as VP of Partnerships and Jon Santaub as VP of Tech Partnerships.

With collective experience spanning forty years, Rice and Santaub will focus on augmenting integration capabilities which will enhance engagement and productivity for the non-office workforce. Their appointments mark a continuation of ScreenCloud’s growth within the digital signage industry and reaffirms the company's dedication to boosting its partner ecosystem.

Rice, formerly of Twitter, will drive the expansion of ScreenCloud's partner ecosystem which includes SaaS solutions - a recent example being the partnership and integration with Awardco. Boasting a proven track record in establishing successful partnerships, Rice's expertise will prove invaluable for developing relationships that promote mutual growth and benefit end-customers.

Santaub, previously of Microsoft, will be tasked with fostering collaboration between ScreenCloud and its technological partners. The result is hoped to be seamless integrations and groundbreaking solutions that enrich the digital signage experience. Santaub's comprehensive understanding of the tech landscape and ability to spot emerging trends is expected to play a key role in enabling technological advancements for ScreenCloud.

The company's commitment to delivering exceptional value, particularly to organisations reliant on frontline and deskless workers, has been significantly braced by the appointments of Rice and Santaub. "By collaborating with specialised vendors, we can offer a superior product that is deeply connected to the needs of our users," commented ScreenCloud's CEO, Mark McDermott.

In recent months, the digital signage provider has underscored its commitments by announcing integrations with Microsoft Azure and the Chrome Enterprise Partnership, both leading to significant advancements in its partner ecosystem. Additional collaborations with AwardCo and other notable workforce enterprise platforms also spotlight ScreenCloud's focus on providing a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to its customers' evolving needs.

McDermott added, "We are thrilled to welcome Joe Rice and Jon Santaub to the ScreenCloud team. Their respective expertise and track records in building strategic alliances and driving technological innovations align perfectly with our mission to empower businesses and their deskless workers through digital signage. With their invaluable contributions, we are confident that we can further solidify our position as the leading provider in the industry."

Inclusive of the new team members, ScreenCloud remains dedicated to enhancing its product offerings and partnerships, with the end goal of delivering innovative solutions that reform how organisations communicate and interact with their workforce. The company's recruitment strategy reflects its wider focus on exploring emerging partnership opportunities and strengthening its customer offerings.