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ResetData launches APAC's first liquid-cooled data centre lab in Sydney
Wed, 13th Dec 2023

Australian cloud service provider, ResetData, has launched a test and simulation lab for its pioneering liquid-cooled data centre server technology. Accordingly, this is one of the first such facilities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region capable of trialing workloads in a liquid-cooled environment. This groundbreaking step empowers local businesses to use a more ecologically friendly and high-performance infrastructure as a service (IaaS) essential for strenuous applications such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. The lab is strategically situated in the Sydney CBD and is supported through a collaboration with Dell Technologies and Intel.

The cloud server infrastructure depends upon liquid cooling, resulting in a substantial reduction of data centre CO2 emissions by 45%. Further, the process promises cost efficiency, lowering cloud cooling computing costs to customers by 40%. It is important to mention that data centres globally account for roughly 1% of all energy consumption, or around 200 terawatt hours annually. A significant proportion of this consumption is due to cooling and environmental control needs, as the server Central Processing Units (CPU) and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) utilised for cloud computing generate a considerable amount of heat.

ResetData's innovative approach to cooling data centre computing hardware employs immersion cooling, which involves placing server racks and their processors in liquid. This technology significantly reduces CO2 emissions and provides estimated savings of 40% in overall cloud cooling computing costs compared to traditional air-cooled data centres. "By working with high-performance technology providers such as Dell Technologies and Intel, we are developing the next-generation of data centre technology at our test and simulation lab," commented ResetData's co-founder and Managing Director Bass Salah, highlighting the advantages of partnership with these tech giants.

Users can also benefit from ResetData’s Liquid Cooling as a Service offering, enabling them to access end-to-end liquid cooling stacks as either a capital or operational expense. Furthermore, the efficient technology allows for a reduction in the data centre’s physical size, leading to lower real estate expenditure and offering the possibility of positioning data centres in areas not typically suitable for such infrastructure.

ResetData's lab is set to become an important asset to businesses in the age of artificial intelligence, as it's one of the pioneer facilities in APAC providing performance testing of AI and machine learning full stacks in a liquid cooling environment. Australian firms will benefit from reliable and realistic testing environments, as they increasingly seek AI and machine learning solutions to enhance their efficiency, improve customer service and fully leverage their data analytics capabilities. Castrol BP, Submer and Siemon also provide support for the test and simulation lab as contributing partners.