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Qrypt to provide quantum-secure encryption for Nvidia's platform
Mon, 18th Mar 2024

Qrypt, a quantum security vendor, has announced it will provide quantum-secure encryption to NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPU's network platform. The move strives to deliver fortified support and defence against potential threats from quantum computing to existing cryptography.

The New York-based encryption company made the announcement about its Qrypt Quantum Entropy and Quantum Secure Key Generation technologies on March 15, 2024. The provision of its secure encryption services to NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs signifies an enhanced guard from potential quantum computing threats to current cryptographic systems.

NVIDIA BlueField-3 DPUs traditionally use the IPsec protocol to establish encrypted connections between AI clusters. However, these connections, based on modern encryption methods, are exposed to potential quantum attacks. Qrypt aims to cultivate a more secure AI cluster environment using quantum-secure encryption, eliminating vulnerable key transmission and establishing a quantum-secure communication channel.

Qrypt's quantum-secure BLAST protocol integrates seamlessly into IPsec, managing key generation and establishment without the need to transmit keys via a public key infrastructure. The Qrypt solution also leverages quantum random entropy to generate high-quality encryption keys for the symmetric key generation used to secure AI clusters.

Qrypt's technology, developed through an exclusive partnership with U.S. National Laboratories, ensures encryption keys secure AI clusters are never transmitted over networks. This pioneering approach represents a significant upgrade to existing global digital networks' cryptographic security, which predominantly relies on a model over 50 years old.

"Our technology represents a paradigm shift, leveraging novel virtualisation and distributed cryptographic architecture to eliminate any single point of failure,” said Denis Mandich, co-founder and chief technology officer at Qrypt. Mandich has expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with NVIDIA, attributing it to helping Qrypt's mission to secure communications and protect sensitive data.

NVIDIA's senior director of cloud, telco and cybersecurity market development, Ash Bhalgat, echoed positive sentiments regarding the collaboration. "NVIDIA BlueField DPUs are critical for securing the data-in-motion used for both AI training and inference. Our collaboration with Qrypt enables next-generation cybersecurity technologies for secure and accelerated communication within the generative AI foundries," he said.

The synergy between Qrypt and NVIDIA aims to offer a cryptographic solution capable of securing data indefinitely. Qrypt's Quantum Secure Encryption generates one-time pads and symmetric keys at multiple endpoints, providing unassailable encryption and mitigating the risk of 'harvest now, decrypt later' data theft strategies.