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Pure Storage upgrades its flagship software
Mon, 22nd Feb 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Pure Storage has bolstered its unified storage portfolio, announcing updates to its flagship Purity software.

The revamped solution delivers enhanced ransomware protection makes hybrid storage for data center workloads obsolete with a third-generation FlashArray//C all-QLC platform.

Here are the highlights of the product enhancement:

Comprehensive file portfolio 
  • New native SMB support provides enhanced performance for high throughput and IOPS with low latency to simultaneously support multiple workloads, files of any size, and sequential or random I/O access. 
  • Customers can also accelerate Windows applications with a rich set of existing data services, including replication, file system rollback, and SafeMode Snapshots for ransomware recovery. 
  • Validated solutions include healthcare PACS applications and SQL Server Backup at speeds higher than 1TB/min for SQL farms that demand fast backup and recovery.
  • The update includes FlashBlade's new Cross-Protocol File Security design, which allows access control interoperability between SMB and NFS users while preserving access control lists for both in addition to complying with federal security mandates.
  • FlashArray's scale-up architecture delivers operational file services for VDI, file server consolidation, user home directories, and file sharing. File capabilities in FlashArray enhance the value of inherent features such as deduplication and compression.
Comprehensive ransomware protection and security across file, block, and cloud-based apps
  • FlashBlade and FlashArray are bolstered by SafeMode snapshots, delivering a complete portfolio of protection tools to ensure data is safe and recoverable. 
  • Immutable snapshots and Policy-based retention protect companies against the risk of lost revenues, ransom payments, and brand damage associated with ransomware attacks.
  • FlashBlade, the industry-defining Unified Fast File and Object (UFFO) platform, provides enhanced object security with S3 simple user policies, enabling access control at the user level. 
  • Performance monitoring meets a critical requirement for real-time visibility into the most active users, and unified APIs/SDK improves the automation experience across FlashBlade, FlashArray, and Pure1® with unified REST APIs and Python SDK.
Improved disaster recovery with ActiveCluster over Fibre Channel

ActiveCluster delivers stretch clustering solutions for critical applications over any fabric. ActiveCluster is integrated with Pure1 Cloud Mediator, which removes the need to manage a cumbersome third-site witness and enables a third recovery site to be added anywhere in the world.

Enhanced application performance 

Pure delivers an all-NVMe architecture for Flash, Direct Memory Modules, replication, and now support for both NVMe over Fibre Channel and Ethernet. Support for NVMe can reduce application latency by up to 50% by reducing latencies to hundreds of microseconds.

Third-generation of FlashArray//C makes hybrid storage obsolete

The new releases of FlashArray//C40 and FlashArray//C60 demonstrate Pure's rapid pace of innovation and extend a flash leadership story that is still unmatched in the industry. While other vendors struggle to bring QLC to market, FlashArray//C can now replace legacy disks in deployments of all sizes, ranging from departmental to data center consolidation.