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Orange moves Siemens AG’s entire operations to a SD-WAN

Orange Business Services says migrating Siemens AG's entire global operations to a SD-WAN was one of the first and broadest deployments to an internet-based network of its kind.

The digital services company says it overcame potential implementation challenges during the pandemic to complete the migration of 1168 sites across 94 countries with its technology partner Cisco.

It says the majority of Siemens' corporate applications will be run through a public cloud, and it will simplify coordination across the global business, from local offices to large production sites.

Orange says this move puts Siemens eight years ahead of other companies migrating to an SD-WAN on this scale.

Orange Business Services' interim CEO Aliette Mousnier-Lompre says she's pleased Siemens chose to work with them.

"Deploying, migrating, and implementing this huge digital transformation project for Siemens and managing their critical global communications infrastructure underlines our end-to-end integrator expertise in delivering large-scale global projects," she says.

"We have delivered on Siemens' objectives by combining SD-WAN technology with cloud-based services and solutions."

Siemens AG CIO Hanna Hennig says the shift to SD-WAN delivers decisive advantages for the business and users alike, including a streamlined user experience with dynamic traffic routing for applications and dynamic bandwidth allocation.

"Siemens is a global company with offices and production sites all over the world, and we need a reliable and future-proof communications network. It's a critical business enabler that has to be agile enough to evolve with our business," she says.

"As a pioneer in innovation and technology, we set the highest standards for our transformation project. With the global capabilities, expertise, and orchestration of Orange Business Services, we were able to successfully complete the massive deployment of flexible SD-WAN."

Orange Business Services says Siemens has simplified the management of complex environments and further improved performance and agility by consolidating network design and maintenance in their partnership.

As more and more applications are hosted in cloud environments instead of on-premise data centers, the digital services company says that Siemens AG requires a secure and flexible way for connectivity via the internet.

Orange says SD-WAN enabled the switch from traditional access via Virtual Private Networks to Internet-based application access.

It says the seamless and secure SD-WAN coverage provides the foundation for a flexible Siemens security framework and further increases Siemens' abilities to mitigate, detect and respond to risks effectively.

Orange Business Services is a global telecommunications operator with a revenue of 42.5 billion euros last year and 271 million customers worldwide.

It specializes in software-defined networks, multi-cloud services, data and AI, smart mobility services and cybersecurity. Orange says it securely accompanies enterprises across every stage of the data lifecycle end-to-end, from collection, transport, storage, and processing to analysis and sharing.

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