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New Relic launches Pathpoint to bolster business observability
Thu, 25th Jan 2024

New Relic, the observability platform vendor, is set to revolutionise business observability with the launch of New Relic Pathpoint. Announced on January 25, 2023, this innovative solution aims to mend the data rift that often exists between IT and actual commercial results.

New Relic Pathpoint transcends traditional monitoring by offering its users real-time financial insights linked to every user touchpoint. This is accomplished by harnessing system-level telemetry from APM 360 directly connected to user-impacting business stages. Whether you're in Engineering or IT, Pathpoint delivers operational efficiency and the capacity for financial impact analysis and aligns service performance with commercial outcomes. In effect, users gain comprehensive clarity into each step of the customer's journey - customer behaviours, transactions, search queries, product selection, processing times, and post-interaction activities. With this, organisations can construct superior customer experiences on all platforms and maximise ROI.

Pathpoint's design facilitates prompt communication of any unwelcome change in business metrics to both technical and business teams. Any engineer receiving these alerts can, with speed and ease, identify the root cause necessitating correction by utilising the New Relic umbrella observability platform. "New Relic Pathpoint increases collaboration across our teams and enables our engineering team with the technical insights needed to pinpoint and resolve issues faster,” acknowledges Trainline Site Reliability Engineer Sangeetha Niranjan. “This helps our entire organisation, from the top down, work together to ensure our customers have the best experience possible at every stage.”

Key offerings and advantages include making business-impact-based decisions, enhancing customer experiences and revenue, reducing financial impact during downtime, and optimising resources and costs. It also includes the ability to leverage generative AI-powered insights to identify cost-saving opportunities and unearth concealed revenue potential.

“The stakes are high for digital businesses. IT and engineering leaders simply need to understand the business impact of the software they build and operate,” states New Relic Product Officer Manav Khurana. “With Pathpoint, we are building upon our industry leadership to pioneer business process observability, so that engineering leaders and business leaders can make better-informed decisions based on complete data.”

The APAC region is experiencing a significant business shift, and as a result, more companies are realising the potential of new technologies and leveraging software more than ever. Kris Day, Senior Vice President and General Manager APJ at New Relic, remarks, “Business leaders need to adopt new and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the competition. With Pathpoint, engineering and business leaders can see how the impact on service-level metrics translates to significant savings to keep their IT infrastructure up and running, while proactively finding and fixing issues faster to ensure a more seamless digital customer experience."

Pathpoint is accessible as a New Relic open-source project and is distributed under the Apache 2 license. It can be directly installed into the New Relic platform, and both new and existing users can utilise Pathpoint today.