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Legrand finalises transformative acquisition of ZPE Systems
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

The much-anticipated acquisition of ZPE Systems by Legrand has been finalised, promising a potentially transformative shift for data centre operations. The move bolsters Legrand's comprehensive data centre product range, complemented by ZPE's high-performance automation infrastructure solutions, allowing for a more cohesive and potent offering to clients.

The Connecticut-based electrical and digital building infrastructure specialist Legrand completed the acquisition of ZPE Systems, a key provider of resilience and security solutions for business-critical infrastructure. The Fremont, California-based company provides a variety of vital solutions, including serial console servers, sensors, and service routers. These offer remote access and management of network IT equipment from data centres to edge locations.

Following the acquisition, ZPE Systems will now operate as a business unit within Legrand's Data, Power, and Control (DPC) Division. Arnaldo Zimmermann will continue as Vice President and General Manager of ZPE Systems, reporting to the President of Legrand's DPC Division, Brian DiBella.

Through the acquisition, Legrand cements itself as a leader in the rapidly expanding and profitable data centre and edge management infrastructure market. As John Selldorff, President and CEO of Legrand, North and Central America, elaborates, "This acquisition allows Legrand to enter a promising new segment whose strong growth is expected to accelerate further with the development of artificial intelligence and associated needs."

Future technological demands will necessitate more complex data centres and edge infrastructure deployments, usually in remote geographies. The importance of remote management and operation will only increase, a need that ZPE Systems is well-equipped to meet with its high-performance automation infrastructure solutions, further complimenting Legrand's current data centre offerings.

Arnaldo Zimmermann, Vice President and General Manager of ZPE Systems, expressed that the merger with Legrand is a strategic move to enhance its leadership role in management infrastructure. The collaboration aims to propel ZPE Systems' technology and solutions to serve both existing and new market opportunities better. This merger is seen as a means to strengthen ZPE Systems' position in the industry and effectively expand its capabilities in managing infrastructure.

Zimmermann said, "By joining forces with Legrand, ZPE Systems is advancing our leadership position in management infrastructure and propelling our technology and solutions to further support existing and new market opportunities."

The synergistic combination of ZPE's automation solutions with Legrand's data centre products suggests an exciting future for clients seeking enhanced, diverse, and innovative data centre operations.

Legrand continues its journey as a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, serving a broad range of commercial, industrial, and residential markets. The Group is steadfast in its mission to improve lives, transforming the spaces where we live, work, and socialise through electrical, digital and connected solutions. Their strategic and responsible growth is driven by acquisitions and innovation, offering increasingly valuable products in the intimately connected data centre and energy efficiency segments. In 2022, Legrand reported solid sales of USD $8.0 billion.