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Infinidium reveals world-first power generator data cooling system

In a world-first initiative, Infinidium Power Corp. has announced the launch of its new power generator data cooling system.

The first of its kind technology named "The Vortex Vacuum Chamber" is believed by independent verifiers to be the most efficient data center cooling system ever designed, equipped with features such as an extra-low voltage direct current smart nanogrid and new power management systems.

A new configuration of technology elements utilises biomimicry to help with heat management while also containing decentralised active battery storage to enhance adjacent renewable output while lowering electrical conversion losses.

Infinidium says the system has been designed to eliminate complex cooling infrastructure, along with generators and other auxiliary equipment, which individually can offset all the company's capital costs. The systems can be efficiently placed in existing facilities with minimal retrofitting and permitting requirements, which would make it easier for

The inner chamber open-air configuration also enables robotic assembly and operation, which works hand in hand with other initiatives being implemented by the company that relate to efficiency and automation.

"As the world becomes more dependent on the cloud everyday, global data centers continue expanding at unprecedented levels," the company states in its video showcase.

"It is estimated that up to 50% of the world's energy production will be required for high performance computing in the coming decades while up to 50% of total energy will be consumed by cooling systems alone."

"Infinidium solves this critical dilemma with a revolutionary new data center cooling and power configuration based on biomimicry."

Traditional data center energy consumption is said to be a significant growing global concern, as COVID-19 and rapid expansion of the cloud has created new demand that companies are struggling to keep up with. These concerns also highlight the growing problem of efficiency within the market, with many companies foregoing sustainability and cost for a quick solution.

Infinidium technology says its solutions can potentially achieve the highest FLOPS/Watt output and create the smallest environmental footprint to date. They are now actively seeking strategic alliances and capital partners to push forward the new solutions and plan to build a major cloud data center hub in Calgary.

The company is currently based in Canada and employs a highly skilled team of doctors, scientists and engineers to create new solutions for data centers globally. They seek to provide "inexpensive high performance computing services on the cloud with lowest environmental impact available in a rapidly growing marketplace."

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