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Hydroleap partners with IXT to revolutionise water management in data centres
Wed, 29th Nov 2023

In an effort to pave the way towards sustainable water management and minimise the environmental impact of data centres, Hydroleap, the water technology company, has announced a landmark partnership with IX Technology (IXT), a top-tier provider of data centre mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure solutions.

This collaboration has the potential to revolutionise water management within cooling towers and enable the data centre industry to reduce water and chemical use, diminish their carbon footprint and enhance regulatory compliance.

Excluding mainland China, Singapore now boasts the largest data-centre market for a single city in the Asia-Pacific region. The city-state's data-centre market is anticipated to break the 1GW threshold, according to recent reports. This growth, however, raises new environmental challenges, particularly regarding water usage. As part of their new partnership, both Hydroleap and IXT plan to address these issues.

Data centres require substantial water resources. Research suggests that a large facility might consume between one million and five million gallons of water per day, roughly equivalent to the water usage of a town of 10,000 to 50,000 inhabitants. Added to this, technological advancements such as AI pose ongoing environmental threats.

However, countries such as Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam provide opportunities with their advanced tech for managing wastewater in data centres. Water management in cooling towers can be improved, for example, by utilising deep tech innovations such as Hydroleap's patented Electro-Oxidation Technology. This not only recycles cooling tower water in a more eco-friendly manner, but also offers significant environmental benefits.

"Efficient cooling methods with reduced water consumption can play a crucial role in sustainability. We are excited to join forces with IXT to support more data centre companies through our sustainable electrochemical solutions. By combining our teams, we aim to empower data centre businesses to be more sustainable in their water usage," stated Dr. Mohammad (Moh) Sherafatmand, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hydroleap.

Steven Lee, Founder and Managing Director of IXT, echoed these sentiments: "This partnership represents a significant milestone in our endeavour to build more sustainable data centre facilities. In collaboration with Hydroleap, we aspire to establish a new standard for water treatment and carbon reduction within data centres."

Hydroleap, propelled by ground-breaking technology, is spearheading the transformation of industrial wastewater treatment within sectors as varied as data centres, food and beverage, and palm oil. Their pioneering electrochemical system can reduce up to 95% of pollutants found in industrial wastewater, and decrease water discharges by 70% in cooling towers.

IXT specialises in providing M&E infrastructure solutions for data centres to ensure business continuity and operational uptime. They offer end-to-end services from design and construction through to preventative maintenance, providing 24x7 technical support for data centres, corporate server rooms and offices for a wide spectrum of clients.