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Google Cloud to help Siemens Energy shift data centers to cloud
Wed, 13th Oct 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Google Cloud will assist Siemens Energy in shifting its global network of data centers into the cloud as part of a multi-year collaboration between the two companies.

It comes as Siemens Energy seeks a wider digital transformation to its infrastructure, systems, and data. With the new partnership, the energy technology company aims to bring its company-wide SAP systems into a cloud environment, and power sustainable digital transformation.

"We searched for a partner that could not only deliver availability and scalability, but also challenge us to grow beyond our comfort zone," says Siemens Energy CIO Kian Mossanen.

"We knew that choosing Google Cloud would ensure more reliability and less downtime for our systems, which is critical in the energy industry.

"But it was also Google Cloud's collaborative and innovative culture that made them the perfect partner, as we embark on this massive digital transformation."

As part of the collaboration, Siemens Energy will migrate to Google Cloud more than 2.6 petabytes of manufacturing, supply chain, and sensor data, stored across its multiple data centers. This will begin in the second half of 2021.

Siemens Energy has laid out an ambitious timeline for the project, aiming to complete the majority of the data center migrations within fifteen months. In addition, Siemens Energy has committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2030, and Google Cloud will support them with a carbon-neutral cloud, matched 100% with renewable energy, helping them meet the ambitious goals.

Google Cloud president for EMEA Adair Fox-Martin says the company is excited to assist Siemens Energy in its goal to become a clean energy company.

"The energy market is rapidly evolving as sustainability becomes a primary focus, and consumer habits and global demands on the industry change," says Fox-Martin.

"We're proud to support Siemens Energy's digital transformation with clean cloud infrastructure, partnering to build a technology platform that will support future growth and change."

Siemens Energy will also bring its SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Central Component (ERP ECC) and Supply Chain Management applications and data onto Google Cloud, enabling greater scale, uptime, and flexibility for these business-critical systems, as well as low-latency access to SAP applications for more than 750,000 users across 84 countries.

In addition, Siemens Energy will leverage "RISE with SAP" on Google Cloud, accelerating its transition to SAP S/4HANA and creating a future-proof foundation for the company's vast SAP environments and data.