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Dubai authority certifies Paymentology's green credentials
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority has certified Paymentology's sustainability credentials through an exciting fintech initiative. The recognition comes from Paymentology's utilisation of Moro Hub's Green Data Centres for IT workloads, affirming the impact of fintech in the struggle for a net-zero economy and demonstrating the strength of private-public partnerships in the green industry progression.

Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC), presented a Green Certificate to Paymentology, a global issuer-processor. Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub, awarded The certificate to Nauman Hassan, Regional Director for MENA at Paymentology. This commendation recognises the proactive efforts of businesses in reducing carbon footprint and adopting sustainable practices.

The Green Certificate initiative celebrates the long-term vision of establishing a business ecosystem that flourishes on eco-conscious methodologies. Marwan Bin Haidar, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of Digital DEWA, extends his commendations to Paymentology with the assertion, "As we continue to champion sustainable practices, we are confident that businesses in the country are getting closer to achieving their eco-goals." It serves as a testament to excellence in sustainable digitisation and an endorsement of a greener future.

In aligning itself with the global sustainability trend, Paymentology has chosen Moro Hub's green infrastructure, proving its commitment to sustainability within the financial sector. Moro Hub's Green Data Center is designed by leveraging cutting-edge technology and energy-efficient solutions to mitigate environmental impact.

The Green Certificate initiative also aims to celebrate enterprises which support the profound vision of environmental stewardship, says Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, CEO of Moro Hub, "together, with Paymentology and other like-minded partners, we are shaping a greener and a resilient digital landscape for a brighter and eco-conscious tomorrow."

The award aligns with Moro Hub's commitment to reducing carbon footprints and contributes to the United Arab Emirates and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Nauman Hassan, Regional Director for MENA at Paymentology, expressed the company's gratitude and pride in utilising Moro Hub's Green Data Centers, "As the Middle East emerges as a hub for sustainability, financial institutions, fintech leaders, and infrastructure players are working hard to align with the region's progress."

Drisha Kirkman, Head of Sustainability and Programme Management at Paymentology, emphasised the company's commitment to environmental responsibility. Kirkman highlighted that, in addition to prioritising sustainability, Paymentology focuses on providing advanced payment solutions for clients globally. 

"Partnering with Moro Hub's sustainable infrastructure underscores our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint while delivering leading next-generation payment solutions for our clients worldwide," said Kirkman. 

Acknowledging organisations that choose Moro Hub's Green Data Centers for IT workloads further strengthens the collective commitment to environmental preservation and the progression of sustainable practices within the digital environment. It is a testament demonstrating that the partnership between Paymentology and Moro Hub plays a significant part in supporting renewable energy initiatives.