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Dell extends payment flexibility plan

Dell is extending its Payment Flexibility Program through October 30, 2020, with payment deferrals until 2021.

“Over the past few months, we've seen great resolve from our customers and partners as we all work together to overcome a new set of challenges every day. I'm in awe of our customers and partners around the world as they continue to innovate while adapting to the ever-changing landscape. It's our honour to support your journey by delivering the technology needed for business-critical operations while helping you preserve capital and manage cash flow,” Dell financial services president Bill Wavro says in a blog post.

“From payment deferrals to partner relief programmes to low rate financing offers, we are here to help and best prepared to assist customers with flexible IT.

Dell has also announced updates to its Technology Rotation payment solution.

Benefits of the programme include:

  • Saving compared to the full purchase price on Dell laptops and desktops, PowerStore and PowerEdge solutions
  • Conserving cash by deferring their first payment until 2021
  • Extending payments on servers and storage using up to two fixed 12-month extensions for flexibility to return or acquire hardware over five years
  • Expanding or enhancing PowerStore performance and capacity at any time in the contract through Anytime Upgrades

These new options are available in addition to the current features of the Payment Flexibility Program which include:

  • 0% percent interest rates and deferred payments for Dell Technologies infrastructure solutions
  • Short term options for remote work and learning with six- to 12-month terms and refresh options for laptops and desktops to help with back-to-school and return-to-work plans.
  • A one-year term flexible consumption offering to better align payments to an end user's technology usage
  • Credit availability to our valued channel partners through our Working Capital Solutions Program extending payments terms up to 90 days, and when combined with a Dell Financial Services (DFS) payment solution, the partner is paid within a few days, improving their cash flow

IDC recently interviewed organisations using Dell Technologies On Demand and found significant cost savings when using on-demand consumption models.

Customers cited the ability to acquire the newest technology at a much lower cost as one major advantage, stating, “We can essentially get the newest technology for a fraction of what we would pay for it outright.

“We have received very positive feedback and uptake of the Dell Technologies Partner Relief Program and the Payment Flexibility Program since it was launched earlier this year,” says Dell ANZ channel general manager Shant Soghomonian

“These initiatives, which included up-front access to partner Market Development Funds (MDF) and Business Development Funds (BDF) enabled critical demand generation programs for our partners. The Dell Financial Services (DFS) offerings have provided financial flexibility, allowing customers to plan their near and long term IT strategies. In addition, our fee-waived training programs have resulted in a 33% increase in the number of certified Services Deployment partner engineers this year. We look forward to continuing our support for the partner community during this unprecedented time.

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