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DCI begins construction of flagship data center in Seoul
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

DCI Data Centers has initiated the construction of its much-anticipated flagship data center in Seoul, South Korea. Bringing world-class data center infrastructure to the Asian continent, the project signifies DCI's intent to broaden its Asia-Pacific data center platform, while upholding its enterprise pledge of delivering unrivalled, scalable digital infrastructure to the market.

DCI will work closely with Daelim, a reputed South Korean conglomerate with expertise spanning real estate development to engineering and construction, on this landmark project. Designed to meet even the most rigorous industry standards, the Seoul data center will utilise DCI's proven in-house design, which caters optimally to hyperscale customers and high-compute deployments.

Nicholas Toh, CEO of DCI, expressed his enthusiasm and vision for the venture saying, "Building our first Asian data center in Seoul is a crucial step in DCI's targeted Asia expansion strategy. South Korea's position as a technology hub and its commitment to digital transformation has established Seoul as a critical market for our customers. This strategic investment highlights our confidence in South Korea's potential and demonstrates our continued ability to enter new markets that are important for our customer base."

Udhay Mathialagan, CEO of Brookfield’s Global Data center Platform and Chair of DCI Data Centers, echoed Toh's sentiments, underlining the significance of this venture into the burgeoning South Korean data center market. Mathialagan stated, "Seoul is one of the fastest growing data center markets in Asia and we will continue to support this growth further for our global customers and investors. Our journey to establish this state-of-the-art data center in South Korea has been further enhanced by our esteemed joint venture partner, Daelim."

This mutually beneficial collaboration unites the operational capabilities, technological know-how and customer-centric approach of both DCI and Daelim, enabling the delivery of unmatched data center solutions. "We are proud to collaborate with Daelim," commented Mr Toh. "Daelim's expertise in real estate development has complemented well with DCI's hyperscale design and operational capabilities and track record with key customers. Together, we are setting new standards for data center technology and services in South Korea and beyond."

Since its acquisition by Brookfield in 2019, DCI has grown impressively, from two sites with less than 10MW to over 10 sites now with 130 MW secured under various stages of development in the Asia-Pacific region. Particularly focusing on building a network of high-certification data centers in cities like Sydney, Adelaide, Canberra, Auckland and now Seoul, DCI shows much promise in catering to the demanding requirements of global hyperscalers, government and public cloud workloads.