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Software development news stories - Page 3

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The seven critical skills all IT teams should possess
Skillsoft's EMEA MD explains how embedding key skills within in-house IT teams can help keep an organisation’s data safe and its employees productive.
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Public Sector
The state of the nation: Government websites fail to serve citizens
The majority of government websites are underperforming, with the best site scoring 4.6 out of 10 - a failing grade.
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Software engineering
The future of wireless design with multi-functional engineers
It starts with enabling team members to become multi-functional engineers who can comfortably work in the digital, RF, and system domains.
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Data analytics
Tableau: How to transform your meetings with data
It is most often a lack of information, not time, that drives inefficiency and renders many meetings completely futile.
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Amazon Web Services / AWS
Amazon Web Services partners with Kiwi uni to empower ICT graduates
“Partnering with AWS allows our students to work to their full potential using a suite of tools that make what they can create virtually limitless."
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Open source
GitHub to boost security tracking for developers' projects
GitHub has unveiled security improvements that will allow developers to track which dependencies are associated with public security vulnerabilities.
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IT company headquartered in rural Paeroa offers developers a different lifestyle
Small-town living in the town made famous by L&P has proven to be a drawcard for IT talent.
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How to achieve a DevOps best practice in your organisation
Organisations globally are turning to DevOps to address the increasing pressure to deliver higher quality apps within a shorter period of time.
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Study reveals how companies can develop and deliver better software faster
New data from almost a thousand global respondents has found there are substantial benefits to be had from cloud-based tools for DevOps.
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Kiwi-based software company gets back to its roots in Chch
At the time of the earthquakes, it was a small business with only six staff members.
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Software development
Software vendors: Service desks need you
"There is a growing need for software vendors to approach service desks and guide them through integrating technologies."
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Tailored or off-the-rack?
You should be able to find a version that does what you want, right? Wrong.
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Best practice is a myth
As those in IT will know, there are a number of frameworks, processes and groups set up to pursue the somewhat elusive ‘best practice’.