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Malaysians urged to watch out for clickbait and 'fake news' as election season approaches
Quann Malaysia is warning Malaysians to be vigilant and watch for clickbait phishing links as the 14th Malaysian General Elections get closer.
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Malaysians urged to use caution when scanning QR codes
“There’s a rising number of cases where criminals have been sticking their own codes over a business’ original one to steal the scanner’s data."
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'No way' to stop sale of 46 million Malaysians' personal data after crippling breach
“Individuals or companies found purchasing these leaked data, should be penalised. Only when the buying stops, then only will the hacking stop."
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Singapore MSP signs deal with Google to provide enhanced security tools
"A secure cloud platform will enable enterprises to respond faster to security threats, focus on mitigating business risks."
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Quann & Claroty strengthen Singapore's critical infrastructure security
Managed security services provider Quann will take on Singapore’s critical infrastructure security in partnership with Claroty.
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Singapore firms barely prepared for cyber attacks - what's holding them back?
Despite its reputation as a hub for smart cities, Singapore's cybersecurity preparedness is only in the early stages, according to a new joint survey.
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Data Centre Operators
Keppel Data Centres & Quann bring security to Singapore
Keppel Data Centres has partnered with Quann, a Certis CISCO business unit, to collaborate on a new range of holistic cyber security solutions.