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Energy initiatives news stories

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BAI Communications Australia
BAI aims to reach net-zero by 2040 with new program
BAI Communications Australia has announced a target of reaching net-zero emissions by 2040 as part of its Towards Carbon Neutral (TCN) program.
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Data centres are beginning to support the electric grid and help boost global renewable energy
Research shows data centre operators will deploy UPS to interact with the electric grid and support important energy-management initiatives within the next four years.
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A cloud-powered transformation of the utilities industry
The adoption of cloud technologies will significantly impact how the utilities industry approaches asset management, field workforce management and more.
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Digital Transformation
Enhancing operational efficiency to drive preventative maintenance
In part three of a three-part series, Nozomi Networks cybersecurity strategist Vincent Liu unveils how to capture the benefits of asset visibility to enhance operational efficiency and take measured steps towards preventive maintenance.
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Machine learning
Honeywell launches ML solution to reduce buildings' energy consumption
Machine learning autonomously adjusts building energy settings to deliver up to 10% energy savings, says Honeywell.
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Hitachi Sunway releases data centre ‘wishlist’ for Malaysia
The company's CEO is confident in Malaysia's future, but asserts changes must to be made to stimulate growth in the data centre industry.
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emhLabs takes out top spot in Lightning Labs Electric Innovation Challenge
The winner from The Lightning Lab’s Electric Innovation Challenge has been announced - and emhLabs took out the top spot.
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Energy initiatives
Chinese data centers use enough electricity for two countries
While companies around the world work hard to green up their data centers, a recent report has brought Chinese data centers into question.
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Power / Energy
Going green Sustainable business is good business
What would you say if it was proved that green technology could cut your energy costs by 20% or more?