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Zayo adds global capacity with focused infrastructure investments
Mon, 9th Oct 2023

Zayo Group Holdings, a leading international communications infrastructure platform, has announced a new series of infrastructure investments aimed at extending its global capacity. The latest investments look to meet the rapidly increasing demand for bandwidth and include the global deployment of 400G, growth of long-haul capacity, and enhancements to Zayo’s global IP infrastructure.

As technological advancements continue to be rolled out at a fast pace, the communications industry is reaching a crucial turning point. All digital enterprises, carriers, and hyperscalers are under pressure to ensure they have sufficient capacity to support these technologies. Bill Long, Chief Product Officer at Zayo, highlighted this issue, saying "As this trend plays out, it will be a strong tailwind for those providers who can capitalise on the moment. As one of the newest and most modern networks on the market, Zayo is uniquely positioned to support this growing demand for global bandwidth."

One of the key components of Zayo’s latest investments is the global deployment of 400G, which is critical for today’s digital businesses to support increasingly complex and data-heavy applications. The company has recently completed upgrades to its European network, enabling it to support 400G, and plans have been made to fully enable its Tier-1 backbone in North America for 400G by the end of 2024. Zayo has also added nine new 400G enabled routes to its North American network, with further routes in progress.

To further extend its global capacity, Zayo has been working to increase capacity in other key economic zones worldwide. In October 2022, the company announced a new global low-latency route connecting the U.S. to South America’s financial hub of Sao Paulo. By Q3 2023, Zayo had completed work to expand its connectivity infrastructure in Sao Paulo and established several new Points of Presence.

Zayo’s IP infrastructure continues to grow, driven by an ongoing demand for capacity increase. Six new IP Points of Presence were added to the North American network in Q3, making a significant contribution to the world's internet capacity, with Zayo currently managing 96Tb of core capacity and 34TB of peering capacity.

Last quarter, Zayo completed the overbuild of its Omaha to Denver route, aimed at improving its long-haul capacity. This overbuild brings enhanced fibre capacity to a high-demand area and is a significant move for the company, one of few investing in long-haul infrastructure growth at this time.

Overall, these investments represent Zayo’s commitment to future-proofing its network and services as it continues to support what’s next for its customers. Enhancements to its long-haul dark fibre routes offer customers diverse routing options and the ability to customise their network to best meet their unique needs.

Zayo, for the past 15 years, has been empowering some of the world's largest and most innovative companies in over 142,000 route miles. The company's tailored connectivity and edge solutions provide an exceptional experience from edge to core to cloud.