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SoftIron announces its newest flagship offering, HyperCloud
Wed, 7th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

SoftIron has announced HyperCloud, the world's first full turnkey, completely integrated and supported Intelligent Cloud Fabric and the company's newest flagship offering.

SoftIron has designed and manufactured HyperCloud in its own factories from the ground up, and the offering is a fully-integrated platform that takes out the complexity of integrating the many independent hardware and software layers needed to build and run a unified private or hybrid cloud.

"Building and running clouds today is overly complex as engineers battle to integrate disparate layers of technology into a resilient, performant and scalable solution," SoftIron CTO Kenny Van Alstyne says.

"It was time to take a step back and architect an entire platform with the single task of making cloud consumable.

"With HyperCloud, you can deploy virtualised and containerised workloads across federated on-premises zones and public clouds, with support for secure multi-tenancy, full programmability, and full lifecycle automation all 'out of the box.'

"We're giving organisations sophisticated control of their cloud architecture, eliminating the need for complex integrations between multiple vendors and technologies while providing the ability to scale limitlessly as workloads demand, incrementally adding resource services as needed."

Further, HyperCloud completely automates providing storage, compute, networking and infrastructure services by using pre-integrated building blocks.

This gives users fully functioning, multi-tenant cloud capable of being deployed in as little as half a day and less than half a rack and scale almost infinitely.

"We see many of our larger customers embarking on data repatriation projects, tired of the unpredictable egress fees being charged resulting from hosting their apps and data in the public cloud," SoftIron+Co channel partner Boston Limited CSMO Dev Tyagi says.

"We're excited by HyperCloud from SoftIron and its ability to make these hybrid clouds a reality in what promises to be a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the skills needed."

SoftIron notes that an intelligent cloud fabric intends to make it significantly more straightforward to operate a resilient, multi-site hybrid cloud by offering stateless building blocks holistically designed and pre-integrated for assimilation by distributed cloud orchestration control pane.

Using these building blocks makes it easy to 'plug and play' any additional storage or compute resources, resulting in dramatically easier architecting of cloud, allowing operations teams to give applications owners and data users the means to consume and manage services seamlessly throughout private and public resources.

HyperCloud is also independent of all public cloud vendors, allowing IT generalists to build and use highly sophisticated hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures that drive reliable, available, elastic and serviceable operations previously only available on hyperscale cloud builders with specialist skills and access to large engineering teams.

HyperCloud's modular nature is combined with simplicity in onboarding new compute and storage resources as well as out-of-the-box secure multi-tenancy capabilities.

This means that the cloud fabric can be scaled up or down just in time, removing unnecessary over-provisioning and minimising financial outlay.

"Public Cloud is popular because it creates a consumption-based experience hiding the complexity of operating a resilient, elastic infrastructure, and the sheer brute force of engineering that is needed to accomplish it - historically, that's only been possible at hyperscale," SoftIron CEO Phil Straw says.

"It's a useful utility in your IT tool belt, but most organisations today want a hybrid model. Creating a complexity breakthrough required a totally new approach to deliver the first and only complete technology to be used specifically for building clouds.

"After a decade of innovation, HyperCloud realises that goal and will forever change expectations of how clouds can and should be built."

A leader in purpose-built and performance-optimised data centre products, SoftIron is also soon to open the first-ever base-level computer manufacturing facility on Australian soil.

"In today's highly competitive infrastructure market, we believe the team at SoftIron is developing and delivering innovative solutions to solve cloud complexity across the stack," Futurum Research Principal Analyst and CEO Daniel Newman says.

"Leveraging its trusted supply chain hardware model, coupled with its comprehensive consumption-based offerings, we see a robust long-term growth trajectory for SoftIron as it focuses on meeting the rapidly shifting demands of enterprise IT."

HyperCloud is available immediately from SoftIron and its partners in the SoftIron + Co. channel program. It is delivered fully capable with no additional licensing required to access any features, compute or storage capacity.