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NVIDIA unveils Quantum Cloud, advancing global quantum computing research
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

NVIDIA has announced the launch of a pioneering cloud service which will allow developers and researchers to push the boundaries of quantum computing exploration.

This service named the NVIDIA Quantum Cloud, is built on NVIDIA's open-source platform for quantum computing, CUDA-Q. This revolutionary quantum computing platform is used by three-quarters of businesses deploying Quantum Processing Units (QPUs). The Quantum Cloud will facilitate the creation and testing in the cloud environment of innovative quantum algorithms and applications, which include robust simulators and tools for hybrid quantum-classical programming.

"Quantum computing presents the next revolutionary frontier of computing, and it's going to require the world's most brilliant minds to bring this future one step closer," said Tim Costa, director of HPC and quantum computing at NVIDIA. NVIDIA Quantum Cloud breaks down the barriers to exploring this transformative technology and lets every scientist in the world harness the power of quantum computing and bring their ideas closer to reality."

Key features of the Quantum Cloud include potent capabilities and third-party software integrations that can drive scientific exploration. One such tool is the Generative Quantum Eigensolver, which finds the ground-state energy of a molecule much quicker than previous methods. This has been developed in collaboration with the University of Toronto and uses large language models (LLMs). CUDA-Q's integration with technology start-up Classiq allows quantum researchers to generate complex quantum programmes and deeply analyse and perform quantum circuits. Another key integration with QC Ware Promethium allows for the tackling of intricate quantum chemistry problems such as molecular simulation.

This new service by NVIDIA has already received interest from over 160 partners in its quantum computing ecosystem. Notable cloud service providers such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are among those integrating Quantum Cloud into their offerings. Many leading quantum companies, including IonQ, IQM Quantum Computers, OQC, ORCA Computing, qBraid, and Quantinuum, have also shown interest.

Quantum computing pioneers can accelerate their quantum computing development by signing up for early access to the NVIDIA Quantum Cloud, the technology company indicated. It seems that the tech world is anticipating that this ground-breaking cloud service from NVIDIA could possibly bring us a significant step closer to the full realisation and implementation of quantum computing.