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NVIDIA to host first physical GTC conference in five years
Mon, 4th Mar 2024

Leading tech firm NVIDIA has announced it will host its flagship GTC 2024 conference at the San Jose Convention Center from March 18-21. The event, being the first in-person GTC in five years, is set to attract more than 300,000 physical and virtual attendees.

NVIDIA's founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, is scheduled to deliver the keynote at the SAP Center starting at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time on Monday, March 18. The seminar will be live-streamed and available on demand, not requiring registration to view online. Since he first underscored machine learning in his 2014 GTC keynote, NVIDIA has emerged as a key player in the AI revolution. The company's platforms have consistently catalysed AI across diverse domains such as large language models, biology, cybersecurity, data centre and cloud computing, conversational AI, networking, physics, robotics, quantum, and scientific and edge computing.

The conference will feature over 900 sessions and host more than 300 exhibitors. They will spotlight how various organisations employ NVIDIA platforms to facilitate significant breakthroughs across industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive and transportation, cloud services, financial services, healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing, retail, and telecommunications.

"Generative AI has moved to centre stage as governments, industries, and organisations everywhere look to harness its transformative capabilities", stated Huang. "GTC has become the world's most important AI conference because the entire ecosystem is there to share knowledge and advance the state of the art."

The list of prominent speakers includes AI luminaries and top personnel from tech giants such as Brad Lightcap, COO of OpenAI, and Joelle Pineau, VP of AI research, Meta, among others. They join representatives from more than 1,000 organisations, including Adobe, Amazon, Amgen, and Blackrock, among others.

High-tech demos from the spheres of generative AI to robotics and automotive will be open to attendees, providing first-hand experience of the latest autonomous vehicle technology and generative AI's impact on diverse industries. The Generative AI Pavilion will feature a multisensory interactive installation by AI artist Refik Anadol and a demo of Cuebric, a generative AI tool designed for filmmakers by Seyhan Lee. Several next-generation vehicles and autonomous machines will be displayed courtesy of the world's leading automotive and robotics companies.

Bringing research to the limelight, influential AI researchers will engage in over 200 sessions. One of the unique sessions includes a panel moderated by Huang on 'Transforming AI' featuring authors of the seminal paper 'Attention Is All You Need'. Another will focus on Large language models (LLMs) that have taken the field of AI by storm. Sébastien Bubeck, Vice President of Microsoft GenAI, will discuss 'The Small Models Revolution', focusing on the phi series of models from Microsoft Research, which exhibit many of the striking emergent properties of LLMs despite having a mere 1 billion parameters.

GTC 2024 also affords an abundance of opportunities for learning and development for career professionals, policymakers, educators, and students. Sessions will range from tackling challenges of AI regulation to instructor-led, hands-on technical workshops. For the first time at a GTC event, participants can receive professional certification in generative AI. 

As part of the event, NVIDIA has also developed an app to provide all the information attendees will need. Whether attendees are joining in San Jose, CA or virtually, the mobile app is the easiest, most efficient way to stay connected with GTC. It will allow attendees to manage their schedule, network with fellow attendees, get real-time updates on what's happening and receive push notifications and programming updates for the event.

NVIDIA Inception, a global program aimed at nurturing blooming startups, will host an interactive pavilion featuring demos from emerging companies. Special sessions for the venture capital community will also be part of the conference proceedings under the NVIDIA VC Alliance program.

This event is available by virtual sign-in for ANZ participants, and virtual registration is free of charge. To be a part of this exciting event, please register at the link below.