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NordVPN caters to growing demand with server upgrade

Wed, 23rd Dec 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

NordVPN has announced it is upgrading its network to 10Gbps servers, with the intention of bringing NordVPN users better performance and maximum speed.

Moving from 1Gbps to 10Gbps

The VPN service provider is one of the first on the market to move from 1Gbps to 10Gbps servers and cover such a wide range of locations.

As of now, more than 20% of NordVPN servers have been upgraded to 10Gbps.

NordVPN CTO Marijus Briedis says, “While our servers in Amsterdam and Tokyo have been 10Gbps for quite some time now, London, Singapore, and a part of the US are planned to fully integrate a 10Gbps network by the end of this year.

In general, VPNs run on 1Gbps servers, but to enhance the speed and overall performance, NordVPN is moving a step forward, the company states.

1Gbps servers will eventually run into bottlenecks, as data demand is getting higher and 5G is becoming more widespread, bringing higher transfer speeds to the market.

When multiple users try to connect to a server, the bandwidth is effectively split between them, which may lead to slow speeds for everyone involved. Using 10Gbps servers allows for more simultaneous uploads without throttling, NordVPN states.

More data passing through the connection per second means it takes less time to make requests to the server.

Catering to a growing demand

Briedis says, "The number of people relying on NordVPN for secure internet access is skyrocketing. Were going to keep improving our server speeds to meet that demand by acquiring future-focused solutions like 10Gbps servers."

Earlier this year, NordVPN rolled out a private server network, wholly owned and controlled by the company itself.

The custom-specific colocated servers provide NordVPN users with an even higher level of security and privacy, the company states.

Recent announcements

This month, NordVPN introduced the Presets feature on the NordVPN app for macOS, allowing users to launch websites and apps with VPN faster.

The preset combines custom VPN connection settings with shortcuts to apps or websites, which gives secure, VPN-protected access to online services, such as news, entertainment, and downloads, directly from the NordVPN app.

Previously this year, NordVPN announced a strategic partnership with Troy Hunt, a web security expert and the creator of Have I Been Pwned.

Hunt is now a member of Nord Securitys team of advisors, who share their expertise and provide guidance on the company's security and commercial practices.

Nord Security is a home for advanced security solutions, including the advanced VPN service NordVPN, the file encryption tool NordLocker, the business VPN solution NordVPN Teams, and the next-generation password manager NordPass.

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