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New Schneider Electric power and cooling offering reportedly Aussie first

Schneider Electric has developed a Secure Power and Cooling as a Service solution with a new consumption model, and stated this is an Australian first.

Schneider Electric's new service model delivers secure power without the need to own, operate or maintain the power and cooling systems.

It was released in response to the growing global trend to more effectively manage consumption rather than own the assets, the company states.

This new solution has been implemented for a Queensland-based aged care service provider with more than 40 locations Australia-wide, simplifying its operations, improving capital utilisation and freeing internal resources, the company states.

The solution, available through the APC by Schneider Electric channel network, enables companies to consume a full suite of digitally enabled uninterrupted power solutions at an agreed monthly rate that includes management and support services.

The number of sites and the secure power capacity required can be scaled up or down as needed over the agreement term, at a pre-agreed cost.

This model allows for significant efficiencies in planning and budget management. The customer can avoid the ownership and responsibility for all secure power hardware and software, the company states.

This new service includes installation, monitoring, maintenance, support, end of life management and a commitment to ensuring uninterrupted power quality for the duration of the clients agreement.

Schneider Electric VP Howard Bowland is responsible for leading the development of the new offering, in collaboration with Schneider Electric VP of Secure Power, Joe Craparotta.

Bowland says, “We've spent eighteen months developing this model as a way to help support the businesses that rely on us.

“The delivery of our first EcoStruxure Outcomes Secure Power and Cooling as a Service for our care home client will help us give them and other customers a greater sense of security.

"It eliminates the potential for any unexpected costs and interruptions to service that can come with owning the infrastructure. This peace of mind is of great value to them, and I believe many others in care and services industries, particularly at a time when companies are navigating an uncertain economic climate.

Bowland says, “Collaborating with APC by Schneider Electric partner D-G Solutions Group was critical in developing the right outcome for our joint customer.

"Our ambition is, with our key channel partners, to provide a fully comprehensive service that provides custom fit solutions with the ability to grow with our users. As their needs increase this new service is able to adapt allowing for an evolving and flexible partnership."

Craparotta says, “Schneider Electric has a proud history of innovation and offer development. By listening to our APC channel partners and end user customers we have been able to develop an offer to the market that we feel provides great value.

“The unique solution is also more sustainability friendly. With Schneider retaining accountability for the hardware it can ensure it is serviced regularly and maintained to the proper standards increasing its useful lifespan. It also means when equipment has reached its end of life the business can be confident the proper recycling processes are taken.

D-G Solutions Group director Gary Staples says, “We are excited to be one of the first businesses to work with Schneider Electric on their new as a Service offer within this customer's aged care centre network.

"EcoStruxure Outcomes Secure Power and Cooling as a Service will ensure that all of our aged care customers future critical power and cooling requirements are met by allowing them to pay for what is consumed instead of owning and servicing their own infrastructure."

"This kind of approach is critical to the customers growth strategy, as they renew their focus towards core business activities, and are pleased to be able to pivot away from the management of these types of assets," Staples says.

EcoStruxure Outcomes can be set up through the APC by Schneider Electric network of channel partners serving businesses across industries.

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