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LogicMonitor acquires AIOps company Unomaly

LogicMonitor, an on-premises and cloud infrastructure intelligence vendor, has acquired Unomaly, an AIOps company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

The acquisition accelerates LogicMonitor's AIOps roadmap and will help ITOps teams quickly gain the intelligent insights needed to determine when and how to embrace automation in order to resolve IT infrastructure issues before they disrupt the business.

Additionally, this will help DevOps teams access insights derived from unexpected events and changes in infrastructure or applications, in order to optimise and refine continuous delivery approaches.

“We're excited to welcome Unomaly to the LogicMonitor family,” says LogicMonitor CEO Kevin McGibben.

“The value of Unomaly's patented algorithms, combined with LogicMonitor's existing AIOps capabilities, will further help IT teams operating in complex infrastructure environments use AI to automatically analyse and surface anomalies. The result is that users gain the ability to proactively take action before the bottom line is negatively impacted.

Unomaly was founded in 2012 and pioneered technology that empowers ITOps and DevOps teams to intelligently process logs and identify critical insights needed to stay ahead of issues.

Without such technology, it is difficult and incredibly time-consuming to find and resolve these issues within distributed IT infrastructures.

Unomaly enhances visibility by giving teams the ability to ingest unlimited log data – without exponential increases in cost – and uncover pertinent log events to assist with root cause analysis.

“LogicMonitor and Unomaly share the same view on the market and the vision of its future, and the synergies between the two companies' innovative R-D are powerful," says Unomaly co-founder and CEO Johan Gustafsson.

“We are looking forward to joining the LogicMonitor team to bring LogicMonitor customers new AIOps capabilities that help users analyse data and act according to real-time infrastructure intelligence.

In a blog, McGibben expands on the value of the acquisition explaining how “Unomaly's patented and operationalised machine learning algorithms automatically surface unexpected events, missing parameters or frequent or suspicious repetitive entries – providing IT Operations and DevOps teams answers before an issue becomes a business problem.”

He goes on to say, “Today we are one step closer to our mission of providing holistic IT infrastructure intelligence for the modern enterprise. This acquisition accelerates further execution of our AIOps product roadmap. Through 2020, LogicMonitor will integrate Unomaly's solution into the LogicMonitor platform.

Jamf cloud and delivery vice president Todd Ebersviller adds, "As a long-standing LogicMonitor customer, we look forward to gaining additional intelligence and true observability into our entire IT stack through Unomaly's AI-based log monitoring and analytics capabilities. The additional functionality this acquisition brings to the table will allow us to automatically detect anomalies in our complex, distributed IT infrastructure and remediate them faster.

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