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Fujitsu to launch dedicated hardware business in Japan
Thu, 28th Dec 2023

Japanese technology firm Fujitsu has announced it will be launching a dedicated company under its control focusing on its hardware business. Named "Fsas Technologies Inc.", this new subsidiary will primarily focus on servers and storage solutions, and is set to begin operations from the 1st of April, 2024.

This move comes as a part of Fujitsu's new Mid-term Management Plan, unveiled earlier this year, which articulated the company's vision for 2030 and its intention to become a technology giant that produces net positive outcomes for its stakeholders including society, customers, shareholders, and employees. The restructure represents a key shift in Fujitsu's pre-existing business model towards a service-oriented approach to help customer modernisation efforts and improve its international business profitability.

Fujitsu's decision to integrate core functions related to its hardware business into Fsas Technologies Inc. is a strategic step designed to optimise management and resource allocation through all stages of business, ranging from development, manufacturing, and sales to the maintenance of related hardware and services in Japan.

Once the organisational restructuring is complete, Fsas Technologies will combine Fujitsu's offerings, based on its advanced technological capabilities, with its own high-value-added hardware solutions to offer comprehensive solutions that can be swiftly adapted to customers' specific requirements. This, in turn, will support societal and corporate transformation.

The consolidated areas under Fsas Technologies will include the development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of server and storage hardware covering "PRIMERGY" PC Servers, the mission-critical IA server "PRIMEQUEST," and "ETERNUS" storage system solutions. Current employees working on these areas will transition to Fsas Technologies to ensure business continuity.

Fujitsu's mainframe and UNIX servers business, however, will continue to operate under Fujitsu Limited. Other business areas such as development, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of select network hardware, communications hardware, and server hardware, specifically the IPCOM network servers, as well as the sales and maintenance functions for network products made by alliance partners will also be integrated into Fsas Technologies.

The release also mentioned that direct sales function of enterprise PCs will be integrated into Fsas Technologies, and relevant employees involved will transfer over to the new company.

Fsas Technologies Inc. will operate with approximately 7,500 employees under the leadership of Masuo Yasuda, Representative Director and President. The new subsidiary will continue to develop, manufacture, sell, and provide high-quality, reliable servers, storage solutions, select network hardware, as well as sell PCs to enterprise customers in Japan.

As for product delivery framework for customers, Fsas Technologies will directly sell and offer maintenance for hardware solutions to customers, while Fujitsu will provide system integration (SI), managed services, and necessary infrastructure services for related products.