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Fortinet releases next-gen firewall, Pay-as-You-Grow model
Wed, 3rd Jan 2024

Fortinet, a frontrunner in data centre security, is further expanding its range of firewall solutions with the introduction of the FortiGate 6001F Next-Gen Firewall, which has been designed in response to the fluidity of modern-day data centre infrastructure. The FortiGate 6001F offers superior performance, protection, inspection, concurrent sessions and connections and comes at less than half the average industry price. In addition, Fortinet is introducing a groundbreaking Pay-as-You-Grow (PAYG) model to aid companies in keeping up with the evolving demands of contemporary cybersecurity.

The FortiGate 6001F allows businesses to pay only for the performance they need currently, and then swiftly and effortlessly scale up their coverage as their data centre demands grow. The firewall's scalability, which can range from 30-100 Gbps in threat protection, provides an economical solution for enterprises dealing with fluctuating workloads or those starting new projects.

Alongside the FortiGate 6001F, Fortinet has designed a comprehensive portfolio of data centre firewalls, featuring the FG-1000F Series up to the FG-7000F Series, each one created with specific data centre demands in mind. From offering top-grade threat protection and numerous ports with the FG-1000F Series, to built-in Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) with the FG-1800F Series, and control over high-performance networking with the FG-6500F Series, these robust firewalls cater to varying organisational needs.

The company's expansive FortiGate Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) Appliance portfolio complements these models, providing a suite of features and options, including high threat protection throughput, enhanced security for virtualised environments, ultra-low latency for real-time applications, and support for the latest networking standards. This comprehensive spread of options answers the call for solid security solutions that keep up with the consistently increasing performance and volume demands of today's data centres.

According to the company, the FortiGate 6001F Next-Gen Firewall is designed to adapt seamlessly to changing edge deployment needs, providing unmatched deployment flexibility. This adaptable solution underlines Fortinet's dedication to delivering a range of products that align with the fluidity of contemporary data centres and the need for compatibility with cloud-based applications and deployments.

Fortinet says it is keen to emphasise the benefits of embracing a Hybrid Mesh Firewall strategy, enabling organisations to maintain robust defences while simultaneously maintaining the ability to adapt and grow in tandem with their company. The FortiGate 6001F, along with Fortinet's wide range of Data Centre Firewalls, provides industry-leading threat protection throughput, integrated ZTNA, VXLAN support, ultra-low latency, and 400GE built-in ports.

In the contemporary global marketplace, where data centres are becoming increasingly decentralised and flexible, security solutions must be adaptable, reliable, and scalable. Fortinet's latest additions to its broad portfolio of firewall solutions underline its commitment to protecting and empowering businesses, as they navigate their way through these dynamics, and aim to stay ahead in today's digital environment.