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Epsilon brings multi-cloud networking to enterprises with Aviatrix

By Catherine Knowles
Fri, 4th Dec 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Epsilon has partnered with Aviatrix to deliver advanced multi-cloud networking for enterprises.

Epsilon Cloud Networking is an end-to-end multi-cloud service with the automation, operational visibility and control that enterprises need to simplify cloud networking, the company states.

Epsilon customers benefit from features including advanced multi-cloud functionality, enterprise-class networking and security and network abstraction, according to the company.

Empowering enterprises with multi-cloud networking

The multi-cloud service directly controls native cloud networking constructs to maintain cloud simplicity and automation. It is based on the Aviatrix multi-cloud network platform with the ability to move data between cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Epsilon Cloud Networking uses Epsilon's private network as the underlay and the Aviatrix cloud network platform to create an enterprise-class network inside and between public clouds.

The Aviatrix network provides multi-cloud networking that goes beyond the basic native cloud networking service constructs, Epsilon states.

In addition, the Epsilon service allows customers to consume security services, such as FQDN filtering and service insertion of next-gen firewalls, to meet their security and compliance requirements.

Epsilon Cloud Networking leverages a multi-cloud network architecture with a common network data and operational control plane.

Through point and click workflows and infrastructure as code automation, enterprises using the multi-cloud service no longer need to undertake the complex and manual processes of native cloud networking, the company states.

Serving a need

Epsilon data services director Chin Woon Lee says, "Business transformation has driven enterprise IT organisations to embrace public cloud as the new centre of gravity for applications and data.

"With the pandemic pushing the pace of this transformation, cloud operations teams are facing more challenges including limited visibility, lack of network control and skill gaps. Our cloud networking service will enable businesses to take on these challenges more effectively."

An ongoing partnership

Epsilon chief executive officer Michel Robert says, "The service provides everything an enterprise needs to transform their cloud networking through a single relationship.

"We are excited to partner with Aviatrix to deliver a cloud networking service beyond traditional connectivity. Epsilon Cloud Networking addresses the real challenges in enterprise networking within and across the clouds.

"We have combined our expertise in global connectivity with Aviatrix's cloud network platform to deliver an end-to-end multi-cloud service. With Aviatrix as our partner, we are confident in delivering a best-in-class cloud networking solution for our customers."

Aviatrix chief executive officer Steve Mullaney says, "Our partnership allows Epsilon to deliver a complete end-to-end service for businesses looking for better visibility and control over their multi-cloud environment.

"Our enterprise-class multi-cloud network architecture is specifically tailored for large-scale enterprises, so that they can transform their operations with the help from cloud experts.

"We look forward to evolving our solution to further enable Epsilon to meet the changing cloud requirements of enterprises across the globe."

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