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Colt succeeds in reducing latency between Tokyo and Hong Kong
Wed, 29th Jan 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Colt Technology Services, the provider of connectivity solutions with a specific focus on agile, high-bandwidth solutions, has succeeded in reducing the latency between Tokyo and Hong Kong stock exchange, according to a statement released by the company.

As a result, Colt has realised the fastest connectivity for financial organisations in the market between these two regions.

Colt has been providing an Ultra Low Latency network between the Japan Exchange Group and Hong Kong Exchanges since 2010.

After several optimisations, Colt is once again able to provide the fastest connectivity to meet the high-frequency trading (HFT) needs of financial organisations, including financial brokers,investment funds and banks and FX related applications.

Fast connectivity is critical for enabling trading platforms to execute trading strategies faster; in addition,Capital Market participants can also benefit from this fast, secure network, the company states.

Colt head of Asia Masato Hoshino says, “Colt has been investing in ultra low latency infrastructure in order for our clients to realise trades on multiple exchanges, with faster and more reliable connectivity.

“Having an advantage in execution speed is essential in a competitive market, and Colts ultra low latency network is a preferred solution for many of our financial services customers.

“Colt was ranked as one of the leading providers of network connectivity services for the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) two years ago.

“We will never be satisfied with the status quo and will continue to invest to provide better service to the financial community, especially in low latency connectivity, together with highly reputed customer services.

Colt provides a best of breed infrastructure network to financial customers, with its reliability and low latency connectivity, according to the company.

Additionally Colt states it is prioritising its network for enterprises and announced a three year investment plan focusing on the upgrade and expansion of the capacity and reach of its network in 2017.

The company has set the intention to better reach global customers as well. The coverage of its network across the world has been expanded and densified, as well as its high bandwidth capabilities in response to the trend of digital transformation, the company states.

According to the company, with reliability that is certified by its financial customers and the flexibility and agility to meet the requirements of the market, Colt continues to enhance connectivity and work to help enterprises and organisations expand and develop operations.