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Cathay Pacific joins the APAC airlines migrating to the Global Aviation Cloud
Mon, 30th Oct 2023

Cathay Pacific has successfully migrated its operation-critical systems to the Global Aviation Cloud (GAC), joining a growing number of APAC airlines making the shift.

The migration includes systems like NetLine Ops++, NetLine/Sched, and NetLine/Plan making them part of Cathay Pacific's critical systems. The move to GAC, a step towards optimising operational efficiency, allows Cathay Pacific to maintain a competitive edge as the aviation industry continues to evolve.

The GAC, developed by Lufthansa Systems, was specifically designed to meet the needs and security standards of airlines. It offers a complete service from a single source, including hosting and the necessary infrastructure.

This enables Cathay Pacific to focus on their core business and quickly adapt to dynamic business requirements. The GAC offers a reliable performance and seamless integration with Lufthansa Systems' products.

Lawrence Fong, Director Digital and IT at Cathay Pacific, expressed his satisfaction with the migration. "We are pleased to have these operational and business-critical systems in Lufthansa Systems' Global Aviation Cloud."

"Having worked with NetLine/Plan, NetLine/Sched, and NetLine/Ops ++, Lufthansa Systems has proven to be a reliable partner. This new infrastructure setup has enabled us to deliver enhanced value to customers faster and with improved performance."

The Lufthansa Systems team also expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Cathay Pacific. "We would like to thank Cathay Pacific, for their trust placed in our Global Aviation Cloud and their support during the migration project," said David Parrish, Vice President of Sales, Southeast Asia, China & Indochina at Lufthansa Systems.

The migrated systems are designed to enhance Cathay Pacific's operations at various levels. For instance, NetLine/Ops ++ helps optimise the daily utilisation of flights and improve airline management during deviations from the regular schedule.

NetLine/Sched supports all aspects of developing and managing flight schedules, enabling Cathay Pacific to produce a flexible and robust aircraft schedule. Lastly, NetLine/Plan allows Cathay Pacific to maximise profitability across its entire schedule with its advanced network planning capabilities.

The Global Aviation Cloud is a cloud service developed specifically to meet the needs and security standards of airlines. Lufthansa Systems has created a forward-looking infrastructure for its customers which deliver administrative, operational and technological benefits. The ultimate goal is to offer the entire Lufthansa Systems product portfolio as a cloud service in the near future.

When the solution was first launched, Oliver Grimm, Head of IT Infrastructure Development, Technology & Information Security at Lufthansa Systems, commented,The strategic shift from monolithic legacy systems to cloud services is a major challenge in the aviation industry."

"Technologies such as AIX, which was the basis for the development of our Lido product, are not easy for cloud platforms to handle because they are closely tied to hardware. We therefore completely overhauled Lido’s software architecture so that we could expedite the creation of the cloud."

“We successfully tested the various solutions from the cloud, and the first customers have already migrated. This has laid the foundation for the innovative and future-proof Global Aviation Cloud.”