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ADTRAN unveils new series of gigabit switches
Tue, 20th Aug 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

ADTRAN has announced a new range of gigabit ethernet switches that are able to easily support an increasing number of internet-connected devices, WiFi access points, and the ability to simplify LAN management.

The SDX 8110 series of business switches gives service providers an improved Power over Ethernet (PoE) budget, as well as statistics reporting and traffic control for managing service level agreements (SLAs) not the Local Area Network (LAN).

According to ADTRAN, this additional flexibility allows service providers to simplify LAN management and to support devices such as IP phones, IoT devices, and WiFi access points.

“Improved traffic and PoE statistics give managed service providers visibility deep into the customer network to more easily monitor and diagnose problems,” explains ADTRAN enterprise product line manager Brian Lenahan.

The new switches are available in 8, 24 and 48 port configurations.

ADTRAN states that by providing a higher power PoE budget to support future applications, customer satisfaction increases and capital costs decrease versus the alternative of installing additional PoE switches to support higher demand.

The SDX 8110 series is also useful for applications that do not require a high level of traffic management, but where customers desire additional safeguards against debilitating traffic loops and broadcast storms by utilising the traffic loop protection feature.

IHS Markit executive director of network infrastructure research, Heidi Adams, explains more: “Traffic shaping and expanded PoE capabilities mean that service providers can deploy an advanced switch infrastructure into more locations that require greater granularity for control and traffic shaping.

“These features help ensure that enterprises can communicate more effectively and use networking resources more efficiently.

In addition to the improved PoE budget, the SDX 8110 series offers service providers and customers increased control over traffic allowing them to extend SLAs into the LAN utilising improved QoS capabilities, the company states.

These Gigabit Ethernet switches add per-port and per-queue traffic shaping capabilities along with support for per-port and per-queue policing. Traffic matching capabilities have also been expanded to include QoS control lists that are used to match Ethernet frames, including both outer and inner tag parameters, and then manipulate various QoS, VLAN and policy settings in the IP packet or Ethernet frame.

“Expansion of ADTRAN's SMB/enterprise switch portfolio will continue with additional products planned for release over the next nine months. These products will complement the SDX 8110 series in providing a high-value switching infrastructure to support business critical applications and services offered by our partners,” continues Lenahan.