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A dedicated APAC server, Albion East, for Albion Online now

Albion Online, the fantasy sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive, has announced the launch of a new server, Albion East, for the Asia-Pacific region. Along with offering a new beginning in the world of Albion, the new server promises much faster connection speeds, better ping and lower latency, with time-gated events optimised for the region's time zones for players throughout Australia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

The game is free to play, but players can gain full access to the closed beta testing servers that launch in February 2023 and early access to the Albion East server through the purchase of Founder Packs.

Along with beta and early access, Founder Packs will include protection for existing character and guild names and numerous valuable in-game items, including Gold (the game's premium currency), Premium (which provides players with additional QOL and speeds up progression), and exclusive Founder-only Nametags, Avatars, and Vanity Items.

The new features of the "Albion East" (Asia Pacific) server include a new and untouched version of the game, where all players start as equals and can claim their piece of Albion; a game world that is entirely separate and independent of the existing "Albion West" server; and greatly improved connection speeds and ping for the whole Asia-Pacific region.

Players can also enjoy timings of game and server events (territory battles, Crystal League, Faction Warfare, maintenance, etc.) optimised for the region.

Moreover, founders can participate in the closed beta before the server launch, with accelerated fame progression, gain early access to the entire server, and reserve existing characters and guild names.

"The Albion community has always been truly global, and the new server will make the world of Albion more accessible than ever for countless players. We look forward to welcoming new and existing players to the Albion East server and seeing this new version of the world of Albion take shape,” says Robin Henkys, Game Director at Sandbox Interactive, while describing the new server as a significant milestone in the game's development. 

Albion Online is a Sandbox MMORPG featuring full-loot combat, a fully player-driven economy, and a classless "you are what you wear" skill system. 

The game is fully cross-platform and playable on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android with a single account. It is localised into numerous languages, including Japanese, Korean, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, and Indonesian. 

Albion Online was launched in 2017, launched for Steam in 2018, went free to play in 2019, and officially launched on mobile in 2021. 

Rather than offering a linear path with predetermined quests, Albion Online allows players to write their own stories and play in countless different ways. 

Deep guild, alliance, and faction systems allow players to join with friends and allies to claim territories and participate in massive battles. 

Gathering, crafting, and trading are all essential parts of Albion's player-based economy, offering fame and fortune for players with sufficient skill and ambition. And Albion's sprawling world, with five biomes spread across two massive continents, offers nearly endless opportunities for exploration and discovery, with a vast range of PvE and PvP options for solo and group players alike.

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