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Business Intelligence
Why is business intelligence important for legal firms and why should you care?
Last month
As the age-old adage goes; “if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”. In the absence of reliable data, firms are flying blind and effectively making decisions on a whim.
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Exclusive: LawVu streamlines the in-house legal struggle
Last month
LawVu is a New Zealand-born company successfully transforming the in-house legal industry with its category-defining workspace.
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Payroll systems
Automating payroll to manage complexity and minimise compliance risks
June 2022
Payroll is arguably one of the most sensitive areas of a business. Ensuring all employees are paid on time, correctly, and according to their entitlements while maintaining confidentiality is essential.
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Could your Excel practices be harming your business?
May 2022
While Excel has been the de-facto standard for budgeting, planning, and forecasting, is it alone, enough to support organisations in the global marketplace that’s facing rapid changes due to digital transformation?
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Contact Centre
Analysis: AI the way of the future for modern contact centres
January 2022
According to a new analysis from NICE, AI technology is going to be the future of the modern contact centre.
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New algorithm looks to help streamline data restoration of event logs
December 2021
New tertiary research out of Korea has led to the development of an algorithm capable of streamlining the restoration of event data logs.
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Document Management
No-code digital customer journey platform EasySend has launched in Australia and New Zealand
November 2021
No-code digital customer journey platform EasySend has launched in Australia and New Zealand, with plans to target the wider JAPAC market.