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Internet of Things
3 key power quality predictions set to kick off in 2018
It's estimated that the Asia Pacific data center service market will overtake the European market by 2021.
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Digital Transformation
Cloud 2.0 and Open API - IDC's 10 predictions for the NZ IT industry
This year's predictions reflect the maturity and growth of New Zealand's digital economy.
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Edge Computing
AI, edge computing, and IoT - Ixia’s 2018 predictions for cloud security
It’s essential for businesses to be aware of these trends and understand how they can ensure their networks are properly architected and secured.
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5 predictions for 2018 from channel insiders
ChannelLife has gathered information from several insiders and come up with five predictions for the A/NZ channel in 2018.
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Machine Learning
Dimension Data lists big tech that will reshape digital business in 2018
Dimension Data's list of technologies with the most potential to deliver disruptive outcomes are consequently promising areas to invest in.
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Vertiv shows us what the future of data centers looks like
Debate is ongoing, but 2018 will see those discussions advance toward action and answers.
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Global CNC market to exceed $18m USD by 2022
​A new report published by Allied Market Research on the Computer Numerical Control market has made some startling findings.
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Customer experience
Customer self-service software market worth nearly $10b USD by 2021
There are a number of markets that are set to skyrocket with the digital revolution – none more so than customer self-service software.
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Cyber crime rife: The whole approach to security must change
“Although many threats loom, security professionals have an arsenal of new countermeasures. This year we start changing the playing field."
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Top trends impacting the retail sector
Vend takes a look at the top trends that are impacting retailers in 2015, and investigates how they can capitalise on them to be successful.
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Trends that will dominate the telco industry in 2015
Monetising network investments in broadband infrastructure will be a top priority over the next year, according to Analysys Mason.
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Top 10 internet predictions for 2015, by InternetNZ
"In the spirit of bravery and with the knowledge of almost certainly being proven wrong on many," InternetNZ provides insight into where the internet is going in 2015.
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The biggest malware threats of 2014 and top 2015 predictions
In 2014, security threats involved high-level security breaches, large-scale vulnerabilities and privacy debates, according to Bitdefender.