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Video: 10 Minute IT Jams - How to monetise & value data
EverEdge is a global intangible asset specialist advisory service, and Paul joins us today to discuss concepts of data valuation and monetisation and why they’re so crucial to enhancing growth opportunities.
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Digital Transformation
IDP Education to automate and scale billing ecosystem
BillingPlatform, a revenue management provider, has been selected by IDP Education as its billing and revenue recognition solution. 
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Google NZ reports revenue & profit spike
Google reported a FY19 profit of $8.1 million, a major increase from a $1 million dollar loss in 2018.
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Tech Mahindra and Openet announce partnership to monetise 5G
Tech Mahindra and Openet have entered into a global strategic partnership to better leverage 5G and cloud technologies to accelerate digital transformation for communications service providers (CSPs).
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Big Data
Increase performance with Huawei and SAP HANA’s network solutions
SAP HANA can transform business modelling, implementation, and interconnection as well as explore new business opportunities.
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Is social media now almost impossible to monetise unless you’re an industry giant?
MarketLine asks whether a social media business model based on building popularity before monetisation is fundamentally flawed.
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IBM evolves to enable data center and business modernization
IBM’s main focus within the cloud market is encouraging customer shift to the hybrid cloud model because IBM can support a multistep transition.
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Monetising information is more than just selling your data
Information most certainly is used to generate a profit–and not just by Google, Facebook and the rest of the digerati