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Digital Transformation
Rittal launches new online portal to help companies modernise data centres
“As the IDC research highlighted, around 75 percent of decision-making is now based on information gathered online."
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Contact Centre
Kiwi institution picks up major Australian Govt. contract
This contract builds on Datacom Connect’s successful customer care operations for other significant government clients.”
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Digital Transformation
How to justify data center modernization to an executive
Improved data center operational efficiency and connectivity have to translate into cost reduction, faster turnover, and higher return on investment.
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Digital Transformation
Gartner analyst: 5 steps to modernising IT infrastructure without the cost
Gartner says in most cases you can deliver a more agile IT environment using commercial off-the-shelf infrastructure.
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Dell EMC's data center modernization mission continues with 3 announcements
“Organisations in APJ are increasingly investing in technology that will support their data center modernization long-term."
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Network Infrastructure
Sydney Trains use Ciena to modernise network
The move is aimed at improving public services across the Sydney Trains transportation system.
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Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric: Becoming a modern financial services data center
Ultimately, a modern financial data center is dynamic, automated and sustainable.
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The virtualisation architect: Top 6 must-haves of the modern data centre
Australian organisations are starting to find that most legacy architectures can’t support growing demands of speed, scale, and agility.
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Why this new Gartner data center modernization report caught me by surprise
Until now, I had always pictured colocation as a large warehouse for IT equipment and not a platform that would support smaller scale implementations.
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Data center modernization: A plan for how much to outsource
The spectrum for how to modernize an existing data center is quite wide, and the cost/benefit scenarios differ.
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Data Centre Cooling
You can’t burn it down and start over; how to modernize a data center in 4 steps
No matter what, there will come a time when a system is so outdated, there’s no amount of fixing that can help.