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Digital Transformation
Akkodis joins MIT research centre for digital transformation
Modis, soon to become Akkodis, has joined the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) as a corporate member to collaborate on research projects, events and education.
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IT Automation
Intelligent Automation – accelerate today and automate for tomorrow
It’s a message that encapsulates the benefits of productivity and innovation, by letting technology take care of menial tasks and giving valuable time back to every business.
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5G expected to hit A/NZ by 2020, according to MIT
According to a report by MIT Technology Review Insights, APAC is well on the way to being a digital landscape with 5G just around the corner.
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Survey shows companies with best tech also have best customer experience
A new survey has revealed a clear connection between customer experience and technology adoption - but human capital is still very important.
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Self-driving cars
Will autonomous vehicles make us insane?
According to an MIT study, public trust in full automation appears to be declining...
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The mini-drone swarm is coming! MIT researchers crack the code to miniaturising UAVs
“Imagine buying a bottle-cap-sized drone that can integrate with your phone..."
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Artificial Intelligence
Talend: The reality of the artificial intelligence revolution
Robots assuming complete control of society is unlikely; nuances of perception, intuition, and plain old “gut-check reactions” still elude machines.
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Education technology
Top computer science university revealed
“Though the US and UK remain dominant, our most inclusive rankings ever show that excellence can be found in an ever-increasing number of places."