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Pallas Capital advances operations with Nintex Promapp
Pallas Capital selected Nintex Promapp and deployed the process management tool in April 2021, which has resulted in the mapping of more than 100 processes, with an additional 100 processes scheduled for completion within two months.
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Startup’s ‘super-map’ takes on Google Earth
The startup company is attempting to create a map that will rival Google Earth by providing near real-time global imagery from commercial satellites, aerial cameras and drones.
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Self-driving cars
UK tackles mapping challenges for self-driving vehicles
Great Britain is taking charge on developing global standards for high-definition mapping essential for the safe deployment of self-driving and autonomous vehicles.
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New software for drone footage mapping and analysis
DJI Terra allows drone pilots to quickly generate 2D maps and 3D model reconstructions, plus analyse data and generate insights with analysis tools.
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Microsoft teams up with TomTom to launch Azure Location Based Services
Microsoft is launching a new Azure service that aims to meet the geospatial needs enterprise customers that use location data.
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Govt. puts $800,000 towards 3-D aerial mapping of Northland
The data can be used by forestry companies to help plan their logging operations and horticulture companies for sustainable land management.
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Ten aerial images of Australia like you've never seen it before
Seeing our landscapes from the ground only shows one side of its beauty.