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Who were the winners at the 2016 Excellence in IT Awards?
July 2016
The winners of the Excellence in IT Awards 2016 were announced in front of a crowd of 700 professionals at a gala event in Wellington last night.
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Absolute IT
Auckland IT job market report: Money still reigns, but intangibles rate highly
June 2016
Auckland IT professionals rate an attractive salary as most important consideration in a new job, but flexible working hours are very important too.
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A happy customer: Conbrio solving problems with top-notch customer service
May 2016
"Our first impressions of Conbrio were very positive, as we started to engage more and more with the team, it became more of a partnership."
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IDC recognises emerging vendors in container tech market
May 2016
"These emerging players represent good examples of companies that are likely to help change the industry as we know it."
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Distributed Denial of Service
Kiwi companies aren't prepared for DDoS attacks
May 2016
“Surviving a DDoS attack is about getting your planning right. You can never eliminate the chance of an attack happening, but you can mitigate it."
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IT infrastructure
Aussie IT pros should be focusing on information, not infrastructure
May 2016
"This opens up new challenges for the IT department in selecting the right information protection strategies for their infrastructure."
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Conbrio Technology Group
Whatever your technology needs, it’s likely Conbrio will have you covered
April 2016
The range of businesses within the Conbrio network means they can offer solutions that are often unable to be replicated by others.
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IT professionals: If you do nothing, you may become obsolete
February 2016
"The types of skills in demand today are different compared with those needed just three years ago, and the pace of change is unlikely to slow down.”
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What can IT professionals learn from the history of flight?
January 2016
The history of flight machines shares parallels with storage architectures, modern application storage needs and datacentres in general.
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Enterprise IoT devices underestimated and under-secured
October 2015
“The rapid spread of connected devices is outpacing an organisation’s ability to manage it and to safeguard company and employee data."
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Fierce competition for IT pros affecting hiring market
September 2015
The demand and supply imbalance that has affected the IT hiring market for years will likely continue into 2016.
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Are we preventing our IT department from helping us be more efficient?
September 2015
Organisations want to be able to use their IT to drive business decisions. So how do we free up the IT team so they can support the business?
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IT professionals
Aussie IT pros - put your work experience towards a masters degree
July 2015
A new arrangement between Deakin University and DeakinDigital will see IT professionals in Australia put their work experience towards a Master Degree
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IT professionals want more support, according to new poll
July 2015
Adequate IT support, resources and dealing with outdated or inefficient systems are the biggest challenges facing IT service management professionals.
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Open source
Open Season
February 2010
"I don't think you can look to any one factor as the cause for the popularity of open source," says expert.