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INTERPOL stories

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Hundreds arrested, millions seized in global INTERPOL investigation
June 2022
A two-month-long investigation by INTERPOL this year involved 76 countries and clamped down on organised crime groups behind telecommunications and social engineering scams.
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Interpol announces it will join the Coalition Against Stalkerware
April 2021
The international criminal police organisation Interpol has announced that it will join forces with the Coalition Against Stalkerware, which cybersecurity company Malwarebytes is a part of.
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Kaspersky enjoys three-digit growth in Southeast Asia for 2019
January 2020
Our 2019 enterprise results clearly proves more and more enterprise stakeholders in the region believe in our expertise and capability to secure their systems and networks."
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Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks and Europol sign MoU to expand collaboration
October 2019
Palo Alto Networks participates in regular meetings with Europol investigators to discuss security challenges related to cybercrime trends and share insights on tackling them.
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Fortinet formalises threat information sharing agreement with INTERPOL
June 2018
Fortinet has been an active member of an expert working group within INTERPOL for more than two years.
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Internet of Things
IoT bank attacks on show at INTERPOL's Digital Security Challenge
February 2018
INTERPOL’s Digital Security Challenge event took an IoT malware simulation to the extreme in a bank heist.
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Microsoft, ESET & law enforcement disrupt Gamarue botnet
December 2017
Microsoft, ESET, the FBI, Interpol, Europol and other security stakeholders have collectively dismantled a major botnet operation known as Gamarue.
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Cisco & Interpol embark on rapid threat intelligence sharing partnership
November 2017
Cisco and INTERPOL’s Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) are now working together to share threat intelligence.
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INTERPOL & BT sign landmark data exchange agreement to combat cybercrime
October 2017
“Interpol’s agreement with BT is an important step in our continued efforts to ensure law enforcement worldwide has access to information they need."
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Palo Alto Networks
Palo Alto Networks & INTERPOL finalise major threat-sharing intelligence agreement
August 2017
Palo Alto Networks will soon be the first cybersecurity company in the world to sign a Data Exchange Agreement with INTERPOL.
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Quantum gets ready to showcase StorNext portfolio at Interpol World in Singapore
June 2017
“Law enforcement professionals are facing the challenges created by more cameras, higher resolutions, and increasingly remote video camera locations."
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Trend Micro
INTERPOL & private sector uncover thousands of threats across ASEAN
April 2017
INTERPOL has found 8800 Command and Control (C2) servers and hundreds of compromised websites, including government portals across Asia.