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Security breaches
94% of organisations experienced insider data breaches last year - Human error top cause
Egress survey finds a substantial 94% of organisations experienced insider data breaches in the last year, with human error the top cause.
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Remote Working
Three quarters of employees feel worse a year into remote working - study
Remote workers are still struggling with distracting working environments, stress and an always-on culture after a year of working from home, according to new research by Egress.
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IT leaders fear data breaches are an 'inside job'
"Bizarrely, IT leaders have not adopted new strategies or technologies to mitigate the risk."
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More than half of personal data breaches caused by human error
"The biggest cause of breaches remains the fallibility of people and an inherent inability of employees to send emails to the right person."
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61% of CIOs believe employees leak data maliciously
Egress conducted a survey to examine the root causes of employee-driven data breaches, their frequency, and impact.
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Data Protection
News Corp's email bungle a harsh lesson in data privacy
News Corp claims the bungle was due to ‘human error’, demonstrating just how damaging those errors can be – especially at a time when its employees are already facing the prospect of losing their jobs.
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ICO report reaction: UK data security incidents rocket 224%
Data security incidents have risen 228 percent in the second quarter of 2018, while fines have doubled.