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Vectra AI
Understanding the weight on security leader’s shoulders, and how to shift it
Millions of dollars of government funding and internal budgets are being funnelled into cybersecurity to build resilience against sophisticated threats, indicating how serious this issue has become.
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Digital Transformation
Unlocking the next digital frontier for educational institutions
Understanding where to invest in technology can be challenging for education institutions, especially after the COVID-19 disruptions.
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Hands-on-review: Creative Outlier Air V3
Creative is back with the third version of its affordable Outlier Air wireless earbuds range - aptly named the ‘V3’. And this time, they come boasting ambient mode and active noise reduction.
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Machine learning
Moloco launches updates to Cloud Demand-Side Platform
The latest updates focus on improving performance through intelligent budget allocation, automating workflows through smart campaign UI/UX, and ad creation.
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Remote Working
Report - the role of CRM for revenue and sales teams in 2022
The report reveals new insights into how sales organisations are equipping the modern seller to be successful in remote and hybrid-selling environments.
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Australian businesses are boosting their cyber security budgets
According to a new Accenture report, Australian businesses are boosting their cyber security budgets.
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4 out of 5 organisations to significantly increase cybersecurity budgets in 2022
Four out of five organisations are increasing cybersecurity budgets for 2022. While half of security decision-makers say the cyber skills gap will significantly impact their 2022 strategy.
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Webinar: Recession-proofing 101: How to take control of your IT strategy
Businesseses needed to think on their feet if they were to survive. For many, it meant cutting costs any way they could. 
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The top 10 trends shaping budgeting, planning and forecasting in 2021
For those still grappling with getting their budgeting, planning, and forecasting processes operating efficiently and effectively, ten key trends need to be considered, writes Board International country manager for A/NZ Nic Dennis.
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Board International
Avoid employee underpayment woes with better planning and forecasting
Accurately paying people for the hours they work is only part of the issue. You also need to be able to plan for the future.
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Digital Transformation
Why zero-based budgeting is making a comeback – BOARD International
Many established businesses in affected sectors are having to rethink longstanding practices and processes and find significant savings in order to remain competitive.
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Expense Management
SAP Concur launches new real-time budgeting tool for SMBs
“Traditional budgeting methods focus solely on planning, which does little to help make informed decisions based on quality data in real-time.”
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Concur: How businesses can reign in overspending employees
Where overspend occurs, managers should ensure those responsible can justify their actions and, if necessary, educate them appropriately.
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Digital Resources
Government invests in financial literacy education
"Financial literacy is so important for our young people and this funding will set them up for a brighter future."
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 “Budget 2010 tax changes will lift economic growth by putting the right incentives back into the economy.
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You’ve borne the brunt of the global financial crisis, but a smaller budget should not stifle innovation.