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Digital Transformation
Four steps to creating a digital transformation roadmap
March 2022
Companies are often split into two camps when it comes to technology maturity; those trying to accelerate technology and software delivery, and those drowning in technical debt.
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Tech company uses AI to feel the mood of the music
May 2020
There are tags or metadata to figure out if one type of music was similar (or not) to another type – instead, developers incorporated mood, vibe, and past track usage.
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Choosing the right data centre for your hybrid IT strategy
March 2019
Since organisations will use data centres and the cloud in tandem within a hybrid IT infrastructure, choosing the right data centre partner is critical to establishing a seamless workflow system. 
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Malaysia a ‘frontrunner’ to become data centre hub in ASEAN
March 2019
Data centre services provider the Aims Group believes Malaysia’s data centre industry is set to soar.
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Cashless transactions, Cloudscene, and the Malaysian data center market in 2018
January 2018
Cloudscene is the world’s largest directory of co-location data centers, cloud service providers and network fabrics.
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Aims - the only Malaysian data center operator included in Asia leaderboard
August 2017
Besides its main data center in Kuala Lumpur, Aims has data centers in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.
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Aims - new offering supports AWS Direct Connect in Malaysia
July 2017
“Aims has always been focused on building an ecosystem of partners and customers that are mutually beneficial to each other’s business.”